DIY Product Photography Tips for Amazon Sellers

In today’s highly competitive business, Amazon sellers have discovered that plays a very pivotal role in the successful product listing and attracting customers. But, it should be kept in mind that these pictures ought to meet Amazon’s technical requirements to be acceptable. A good image can speak more than a thousand words – and you do not need to speak, as the picture says it all. Agreed that pictures are pictures, but not all pictures are the same. While some of them attract visitors and buyers, other pictures may not have the same response.

Here are a few tips about how to take professional product pictures for amazon, the next best to having a professional product photographer.

While many of you may not be very adept at photography, with the right guidance and a few tips, you should be able to take decent pictures without any costly cameras – just a common smartphone would do – that and a bit of ingenuity. If you would like to learn about product photography or , you could join a free online photography course, or invest in a low-cost course. You could also get free tips on makeup product photos online, or you could think of joining a regular course.

Choosing a Camera:

Choose a good camera for your photography. While a digital camera would be a smart choice, a smartphone can also give great results. You need to be accustomed to Photoshop to do editing of your pics.

Setting up the Background:

Use a white background for your product. Use a white bed sheet, but be sure that it is crease-free.

Choose a Spot for Your Photos:

Find the right spot for you to shoot, but bear in mind the cardinal rule of photography – the importance of light. It should be from a good source and from the right angle.

Have Proper Lighting:

Remember that light is everything. If you don’t have the proper lighting, you can kiss your photos goodbye. See if you can get a good place indoors near a natural source of light. If you would like to shoot outdoors, be careful of the bright sunlight and the accompanying glare. Adjust your light in such a way that it is close enough, but not too close to creating a glare. An LED bulb is the best source of a bright, white light.

The Shots:

  • You may not be able to get the right shot in the very first to go – you will have to keep exploring and trying from different angles. Here’s where your creativity comes in. Try whatever comes to your mind – you can later edit the images suitably.
  • Make sure that your picture fits within the frame, and that the corners and edges are intact. If need be, you could crop them later. Ensure that you don’t have too much white space around the image.
  • An image should appeal to the viewer and not send him/her scurrying away.
  • Remember that Amazon images are square, and your picture should fit 85% of that space.


Editing is one of the most important aspects of photography. Use editing to ensure that you get a great picture. If you are using a smartphone, you may find a few apps that could help you with editing. Should you like to edit your photos on your computer system, you should try Pixlr or GIMP. They are sophisticated tools that can make editing a very easy task. Pixc is a photo-editing platform where you can edit your amazon product pictures according to your specifications. If you are new to product photography for eCommerce, you may need to invest in the following equipment to help you get great results:
  • Lightboxes: These are flat boxes having sides made of translucent glass or plastic. They contain electric lights that provide an even light that can be controlled.
  • Reflectors: When you use natural light, the reflectors are used to redirect some more natural light on the product.
  • External Lights: Get dual-power portable LED lamps that could be used along with a tripod.
  • Tripods: A tripod is a must for photography. Most of us cannot be sure of a steady hand, and a tripod will save your day.
But, before you plunge into photography, remember the following points:
  • Concentrate on your focus, and keep your images sharp and clear – blurry images are liable to be rejected.
  • Keep an eye on shadows and ensure that they are at a minimum.
  • Get a close-up of the details, if possible at least in one image.
  • If you are displaying a small product, show its size in comparison with something else so that viewers may have a fair idea about its size.
Amazon’s SPN – Service Provider Network has excellent product photography service and support to registered sellers. Now that you have become familiar with a photo shoot for Amazon sellers, go ahead and have a great future.