The Ultimate Guide to Beautiful Product Photography

Beautiful Product Photography
With most of the world audience having gone online, the Ecommerce industry is booming like never before. However, when it comes to luring the customers and urging them to buy the products that you have to offer, it all comes down to the brand, cost and believe it or not, the appeal. No matter how good the product and how low the price, there is no way you can encourage the customer to order a product which looks rather shoddy on your web page. Thus, it all boils down to uploading high quality product photographs on your Ecommerce site. This becomes all the more important in case you are also offering your products on other popular Ecommerce websites where your competitors too are selling their wares. Now, one of the simplest solutions to get the best product photographs would be to hire a product photo studio for the job. However, this could cost quite a bomb and can burn a hole in your pocket. So, the next option would be to click the photographs yourself and then edit these using the various product photography tools. Sounds intimidating, right? Well, it is really not as complicated as it sounds. Take a look at how you can click perfect pictures of your products.

What You Need to capture Beautiful Product Photography

1) A Good Camera:

First things first, if you want to click high quality images of your products, you need to invest in a good camera. Now, a good camera does not mean you should buy one with lots of complicated parts and settings. Any normal camera with good quality lens and high megapixels would suffice. In fact, with the smartphones offering high end cameras, you can even use these to click the product images.

2) A Sturdy Tripod:

Now, this is a thing that you just cannot do without especially if you are not very adept with handling cameras. Also, when looking for crystal clear pictures, the camera aperture should be set at small. This will offer a wide field depth with the focus being on the product and the background being blurred. Also, since you will be using a slow shutter speed, a tripod ensures that there would be no apparent jerks and shakes in the images clicked.

3) A White Background:

There is no denying the fact that a white background is what will make your products really stand out. Thus whether you are doing makeup product photography or clicking pictures of kitchen products, you just can do without a proper white backdrop. You can use a white card for the purpose. However, if you would be clicking a lot of images frequently, you may want to invest in a white sweep. This is a structure that offers an unapparent upward curve to the background, thus adding a professional touch to the image.

4) White Foam core Cards:

These cards can be used to design a cubicle in which the product can be placed. These cards help in bouncing the light on to the product.

5) A Table:

Any table would do no matter how old it is. With the focus being on the product, you really don’t have to worry about finding a table with a smooth, shiny surface.

6) The Perfect Room:

Once you have all these things handy, you are all set to click the pictures of your products. Here’s what you need to do next. Once you have all these things handy, you are all set to click the pictures of your products. Here’s what you need to do next.
  • Set up the table
  • Get the white background in place
  • Set your camera to the required settings like switching White Balance to Auto and Flash to off
  • Zoom in the camera
  • Place your product in the middle of the table
  • Create a cubicle around it with the white foamcare cards
  • Click the picture and check. You may want to click multiple images and then select the best
  • Edit the product photographs using various product photography tools that are easily available online.

Some Professional Studio Product Photography Tips

Here are some important tips that will help you click the best and authentic images of your products.

1) Don’t Use Filters:

Professional photographers make use of filters to give the image an altered look. However, this does not work for product photography as you need to present accurate images to the customers.

2) Click Images of all Product Styles:

Do not be finicky when it comes to clicking product images. A single image for all product styles will not suffice. Make sure that you click separate photographs for each product style.

3) Don’t Judge Images on Camera:

In case, you are tempted to delete a photograph just because it does not look good on the camera, stop. Connect the camera to a computer and check it out there. Believe it or not, images look different when seen on the bigger screen.