What type of Photographer You Should Choose for Your Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce Website

It’s no news that the quality of a picture on your eCommerce website is directly related to the conversion rates. In simple terms, a good picture is more likely to turn your browsers into buyers. The impact images have in the world of online shopping cannot be undermined. Hence, the need for perfection. That’s why websites are spending daringly on product photography— boosting conversions, showcasing different perspectives of your products and improving your product quality on the page.

This is why it’s important to choose the right type of product photography service for your eCommerce website. While there’s much talked about the kind of photography you should look into, when it comes to products, businesses are often confused about the kind of photographer to hire. Thanks to products on white photography backgrounds and experiments in product photography that choosing a photographer is not a tedious task if you know how to portray your products.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. A Photographer Who Doesn’t Over Expose

The basic trick used in working with perfectly white backgrounds is that the background light has to be played with. Work with a photographer who knows how this is done. For instance, one should start with the lowest power in the background light so that the picture is not washed out completely. Only experienced photographers know how to increase the light one stop at a time without entirely exposing the background.
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2. Experience and Repute

This is the first rule of looking for a photographer, especially when you want to get cosmetic product photography done. The thing with white backgrounds is that not everyone knows how to bring out the best in the product. Therefore, work with photography companies who have been in the industry for a long time. Look at their portfolio. Check out if anyone known to you has worked with them before. To assess the reputation of a company, you can simply take a look at what the clients have to say about them. Remember that it does not always work with the best brands that matter, it’s what you create with the product that does.

3. Does the Photographer know About Product Management?

Product Photography is not just about clicking pictures of a box or a few things kept together. It is more about creating an experience with the product. So, the photographer you choose must have experience in project management. The photographer needs to have clear procedures in place. And make sure he works with a team with the right photography equipment, an interesting story and has something to create than just a picture.

4. Not Just Photography for Ecommerce Website, Also Editing

The most significant aspect of ecommerce product photography is the editing part. If the photographer is not good at that, the effort can fall flat. Make sure the photographer knows how to optimize those pictures according to the need of the website. From alignment to resizing to cropping and margin setting, he should know everything about Product Photography in Ecommerce Website.

You may not know all the rules for uploading the pictures on your website. For instance, Amazon product photography may have different rules than the other websites. Someone who is clicking your pictures needs to know those rules otherwise the picture quality will suffer.

5 . What are his Edits Saying?

Take a careful look at the portfolio and see what fits your needs best. For instance, is the photographer editing the pictures correctly? It’s not just about using the right filters. Anyone can do that. But if the light looks unnaturally bright it looks fake. Photo conversions are another important factor. Does your photographer know how to convert sepia to natural colors, how to play with black and white, etc? These are important points to consider. Sometimes, the products are not as perfect looking as the screen demands, your photographer should know how to fix that.

The recent advent of digital photography has changed the way pictures are edited and consumed on social media. But photography for ecommerce website is a different story. Not only do you have to comply with the rules required for pictures. It’s easy to edit pictures but only an expert knows what will sit well with your audience. Use these simple tips and create brilliant pictures for your e-commerce website, check out our ecommerce photography rates here.