Things to Consider While Taking Clothing Product Photography on White Background

Things to Consider While Taking Clothing Product Photography on White Background

The secret mantra for an online store’s success is creating a good impression at the first sight. To achieve good quality product photography is essential. Having prolific product photos on your eCommerce website with White Background will create a significant difference in your store conversion rate.

Most business owners are worried about commercial photography rates, but they need to understand the fact that, spending money on product photography should consider an investment for an eCommerce business. Based on a recent study conducted among the potential online buyers, in an online store product photos are more important than the review and rating product along with the product information.

This blog will elaborate on what to consider for taking good quality clothing product photography on white background.

But before getting into the core, let’s brush up on why the white background is the best for product photography?

Capturing products on white background plays a key role in upping the products in the image; this will ease things for photographers to shoot and also to edit like a pro. Take a look at the significance of white background in product photography.

1. To Highlight Your Products With Least Distraction

Having a single-color background will offer more consistency, well if it is white then you can enjoy more continuity in your image. Also, white background will enhance the product look with the least amount of distraction.

2. To Offer More Versatility For Marketing Channels

Many online stores use their product images for marketing, in such cases having a white background color on your product photography will be helpful to market your store on different marketing channels like Google Shopping Campaigns, Amazon Marketplace, and so on.

3. To Edit Easily

As far as study, white color seems to offer more comfort for editors to edit an image for beginners. Also, photographers find it more comfortable to conduct a shoot at a product photography studio with white background.

4. To Color Product Photo Background Easily

If you tend to add a spot color to your product display in the future, white background makes it easier even beginners can do it at ease. Editing is inevitable when it comes to beauty product photography in such white background plays a key role.

1. Use a Mannequin

Displaying the product in a realistic form is more important in product photography. A Mannequin is a doll that gives a realistic human shape, a business owner who finds it difficult to find a model for a photoshoot can make use of it.

In the case of clothing product photography, having a mannequin would be a great value because buyers can keep visualizing how the clothing product would look.

2. Hire a Model

If you are willing to spend more on your clothing product photography then hiring a model would be best. Models can give any kind of pose as dictated allowing photographers to shoot from a different angle that buyers would be keen to look at before buying the product.

3. Preparing Essential Clothing Photography Equipment

When it comes to clothing photography you don’t need to break your bank, these days you can find a lot of Smartphones that come with better camera features. Apart from here are the few things you need to make sure you keep ready before the shoot.

  • High-Resolution Camera with Tripod
  • Lighting Equipment
  • White Backdrop Kit
  • Photography Toolbox

4. Preparing Clothing Products

Preparation is the key factor when it comes to product photography. You need to spend sufficient time preparing to have a great photoshoot. Here are the few things you need to concentrate on for conducting clothing product photography.

  • Prepare your clothes (ironing, buttoned-up, Sleeves folded neatly, and so )
  • Make sure the mannequin is dressed up perfectly
  • Keep the photography toolbox open and cross-check whether you have all essentials
  • Keep your spare pins, and charged spare batteries readily

5. Setting Up Photography Studio For Clothing Product Photography

Setting your backdrop is the most essential when it comes to setting up product photography. The second thing you need to do is to set up your studio lighting & camera ready. To set up perfect lighting & camera angle keep following the below-given tips.

  • Set your lights next to the camera focusing towards the mannequin and should be positioned 45-degree angle.
  • For setting your camera for clothing photography you need to concentrate on three things: Aperture (between F/8 to f/11), ISO sensitivity (400 to 800), and Shutter Speed (Around 1/125).

Bottom Line

Remember, the product photography for clothing isn’t that much tricky as capturing tiny and shiny products like jewels. It can be fun if you set up the product photography studio right. Good clothing photography will give an elegant look to your online store. Make use of those tips and make your store look amazing.