Amazon Product Photography Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Product images play a crucial part in your listings’ success on eCommerce websites, especially ones like Amazon, where your fiercest competition is present. The main image is what attracts customers to your product, and it needs to be extremely attractive with a white background so that one only sees the product. However, apart from the main image, the other product images need to look good too. And a good product photography studio with experience in shooting the latest Amazon photography trends will help you accomplish this goal. Here’s what you can look forward to in your product images for 2022.

3D Product Visuals

These days businesses are trying to get more creative with presenting their products on Amazon – the world’s biggest online shopping site to help make their products stand out from the competition. Capturing sharp, clear, and well-focused images to attract customers will not do the trick anymore. If you wish to be ahead of your competitors on Amazon in 2022, you should try out adding 3D effects and rendering to your images.
With 3D and AR entering the mainstream, customers can expect more immersive images, thus getting a clear picture of the product. 3D images are believed to create confidence and better control for customers while shopping online, allowing them to visualize and interact with products like they would in a real store.

360 Degree Product Views

360 Degree Product view

Nowadays, consumers want to see the product from possibly every angle before making a purchase, just like they would in a physical store. 360 Degree views of products help them take a look and know everything about their physical appearance. In the last couple of years, 360-degree photographs have become highly popular on social media and are expected to be a forerunner on shopping sites like Amazon too. Although many retailers on Myntra showcase their fashion merchandise and perfume product photography with a 360-degree angle, the trend is soon taking off with other non-fashion-related products.
This photography trend is set to stay for a long time, with more and more brands taking advantage of the technology. Adding it to your marketing strategy in 2022 is a must, especially for larger products, to ensure you are at par with the competition.

Explainer Videos

The concept of product videos is not something new, especially on Amazon, where sellers share explainer videos about their products and their functionalities. However, since consumers nowadays have been rapidly switching to video content than a written description, sellers may now have to include complete descriptions in their videos to attract new customers.

Since the latest technological developments have allowed videos to be more compact, these can be delivered through a variety of platforms. This trend has had a domino effect on product photographers, forcing them to enhance their skills in videography if they wish to attract big brands. For brands, it means they need to find photographers with experience in creating attractive videos for showcasing their products on Amazon.

Mobile-Friendly Photographs

Mobile friendly Photography

The transition from cameras and laptops to mobile phones has changed how product photography is done nowadays. Yes, you still need that sharp DSLR image for your products on Amazon, but now they must be vertically captured for ease of viewing on mobiles. Since mobiles have a limited screen space, photographers have had to adapt and ensure the picture is vertically-oriented and compact. Making Amazon product photography mobile-optimized is a need of the hour, and 2022 is certainly going to see this trend being followed by every small and large business. In fact, for sellers’ convenience, companies can also click images through the Amazon sellers’ app and edit them a bit to ensure they are completely mobile optimized. However, these images certainly don’t beat those created by a professional photographer.

Minimalist Editing

Gone are the days when every product image was highly edited before publishing it on eCommerce sites. Consumers nowadays want authenticity in product photographs, and this can only be accomplished through presenting original pictures. It means that your product photo studio must get the images right during the photo shoot so that only minimalist editing is required to preserve their authenticity.

Summing Up

Staying in tune with the latest photography industry trends is the key to staying successful in Amazon product photography. Whether you are a company selling products, or are a photography studio, adopting what’s new in the industry and constantly innovating to satisfy the end consumers will help you stay ahead of the game. So, don’t forget to incorporate the above trends in 2022. If you are looking for some amazing photoshoots at reasonable prices for your business, reach out to – a place where experienced photographers can bring out the best in your product by presenting it on Amazon photography, e-commerce website, and print media.

7 Different Types of Product Photography You Should Know About

Product photography is everywhere, whether you’re checking websites, magazines, or outdoor advertisements, mostly you will see advertisements for different types of products at all places.

This makes clear and high-quality product images crucial in supporting the company brand and driving sales.

In the case of eCommerce product photography, the product image is everything as the buyers are not able to see your products directly like they can when they do in-store purchases where they can view the products, try them and then easily make the decision of buying it.

Whereas in online shopping, the only way buyers get an idea about your product, its features, specification, etc. is by viewing the product images and reading its copy and descriptions. This emphasizes the importance of images and photography.

Product images are proof of your product specifications and tell the customer about the shape, size, color, etc. Though there are different types of product photography and you should know about them.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Studio Product Shots

These are simple product shots that are taken in a studio in a simple lighting setup. The motive here’s to take clear images which show the specifications of the product. Different kinds of products require different kinds of lighting setup because the surface of products vary to a great deal.

Simple studio product shots mean that all products will be shot in the same static studio setup. These shots tend to highlight the product details and specifications to give buyers a clear image of what the product looks like.

2. White Background Images

For several reasons, white background is the most preferred backdrop in commercial product photography. The white background highlights the product and clears away any distractions. If you look at the product images placed on Amazon, then you will see that almost all the product photos are on a white background.

taking product photos white background

3. Images that are Shown with Scale to Give An Idea of the Product Size

Scale gives your buyers an idea about the actual size of the product. It’s important to let the buyers know how the product looks and is used. Creating a scale is important as it gives a reference point and the buyers can conclude by looking at the visuals as to how the product will look on them.

4. Grouping of the Product

Grouping of the product can be done to present the options available to the viewers. This can be used to show a group of products in one image or the same product that is available in variations as a way to demonstrate options to the buyer.

5. Lifestyle Action Shots

In-context product photographs give buyers an idea of how the product is used in the manner they were designed for. In-context images of products can be used with simple product images. This approach is useful as it allows the buyer to see the product itself and in use.

lifestyle product photography

6. Studio Setups

Studio setups are the most preferred option as here you’re in control. You can set up the product the way you want to without worrying about any outside disturbances. In-studio setups, you’re in control of the environment or create the desired effect.

7. Non-Traditional Images

Non-traditional images don’t showcase a product, these images are used to sell an idea. There is no product shown in the image and these images are used for promotional purposes by stores.


Product photography packages are an important factor to determine the quality of the images you can get when you’re looking out for a professional product photography service provider. Every product is distinct and few products require a different approach to best showcase that product. A professional photographer will understand these nuances better.

Depending on where you intend to use these images, you should click multiple images from different angles per product. Most sites allow multiple photos with each product listing to show the product from different angles.