Actionable Product Photography Tips to Increase Ecommerce Sales

Online shoppers do not get the luxury of sensing products as their offline counterparts. They cannot touch, test, and feel their favorite buy. Thus, it falls on sellers to make their products speak through supreme product photography. This also has a cumulative effect on sales.

Here, we have listed out a few tips on how you can enhance your product photography to increase e-commerce sales.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Focus on Sharpness:


The primary aspect that you must ensure while snapping a product is sharpness. Nobody would want a blurry or pixelated picture of their product of interest. A blurred photograph makes it difficult to perceive and understand the fine features. It affects the customer’s decision making and he/she may quickly jump to another vendor.

Make sure that you use a camera with a decent aperture range. It will help you focus the lens on the product effectively. Also, look after supporting elements like zoom and color correction to highlight the features.

2. Photograph the Product With Different Angles:


Start by offering a no-nonsense complete image from an angle offering a complete view. For example, from the front in case of chairs, from above in case of shoes, etc. This picture works as a magnet and catches the attention of potential buyers. Now supplement your product with different angles like 45 degrees, back, and side.

Multiple angles add up to the description of the product. They help the customer identify the characteristics that differentiate their product from the rest. In some cases, it also helps customers align their needs.

3. Adjust the Lighting:


Natural lights add up to the quality of the photograph. While clicking products ensure proper lighting by leveraging light balancing objects opposite to the lighting source. An example of such objects is a half white card standing behind or beside your product. You can also cover the card with aluminum for better results. You must also ensure that shadows stay away from your product once it’s in the frame.

4. Make Use of White Background:

Make Use of White Background

White background helps in channelizing the focus of the buyer on the product. It adds professionalism and gives your product a floating effect. Product photography with white background does not clash with other colors and works best in the case of multicolored products. It is advisable to use Adobe photoshop for this purpose instead of other algorithm-based tools. Also, save your file in .png format as it supports pictures with Transparent background.

5. Capture the Product in its Use:

Another way of attracting customers is by offering photographs of your product in use. Not only it helps to remove ambiguity but it also helps to bring out the versatility of your product. It presents a clear definition of how the product will turn out when the buyer uses it. For example, if your book holder can support e-books like Kindle, show it in a well-defined photograph. Similarly, in the case of wearables and lifestyle products, you can count on models. However, it is imperative to match the practical application captured in photographs with an interesting description. This helps in building brand value and trust with potential customers.


E-commerce is the hotspot of the century. Having already surpassed $3.5 trillion in sales in 2018, the industry is growing at a swashbuckling rate. It has completely changed the landscape of business with tech giants offering more opportunities to local vendors and small entrepreneurs to take their business online. Thus, it is through superlative product photography that you can make the best use of these opportunities. Follow these tips to turn your prospects into customers, and customers into fans.

6 Top Alternatives to White Background Product Photography

No customer or business will ever deny the importance of product photography for the eCommerce website. Imagine you went to any retail store to buy a product and all you get is a salesperson describing the product in great detail. Now, will you make the purchase just by listening to its features? Will you not want to have a look at the actual product before making the purchase?

The greatest flaw of product descriptions either done in writing or by any salesperson in a retail store is that people, in general, are not very good with descriptions. Their ability to describe anything as they see it varies a great deal from one person to another. So, before making a purchase a customer would like to see the product first to examine product details and understand it better.

This establishes the importance of product photography in online selling. You have tried hard to make an amazing product and now is the time to show it in great detail. Online selling needs both an accurate description, that is possibly attainable, and product photography.

Things to Keep in Mind While Doing e-Commerce Product Photography

Amazon product photography service has some prerequisites that have to be followed. But the focus is mainly on capturing the products in such a way that it appeals to the customers. So, some tips will surely help-

  • While doing product photography be mindful of the fact that here product is the main focus and is clicked for selling purposes so the details matter. It’s better to take 4 or 5 photographs that provide an accurate view of the product from different angles.
  • High-definition images are preferred. The more closed and detailed view of the product, the easier it will be to decide for the customer about making a purchase or not.
  • For e-commerce businesses, product photography on a white background is preferable. It’s the most widely used background in professional product photography.
  • Product photography cost varies a great deal based on the choice of the photography background and other factors like lights, etc. If you don’t wish to go with the usual white or black backgrounds then it’s going to cost a bit more than usual.

6 Top Alternatives to a White Background that can be Used for a Different Effect

Can anyone deny the usefulness of product photography? Certainly Not. Visual impact created by pictures undoubtedly helps the blatant description done in writing. Visuals create more impact than text and amplify the overall effect when combined with the appropriate text. Different products require a different set of arrangements, lighting, and backgrounds.

Background matters. It can either enhance or completely spoil the image and its usefulness. You need to select a background that accentuates the product, not one that overlaps it. The white background is the most preferable choice. You can choose a different background to get the desired effect from a wide range of options. Have a look-

  • Black Background: It can be used for luxury products like makeup items, jewelry, etc. to create that sophisticated look while maintaining the focus on the product.
  • Solid Colors: A plain single-color background adds a fun element and makes the image appear lively. Two-toned colors can also be used in the background if two dimensions are used, it is useful when capturing a shot of furniture. The colors can be selected in a way that matches the brand identity.
  • Wood/Tiles: Wood or tiles make a very creative background choice giving the image a homely yet rustic appearance. Different options are available in wood and tiles both and you can select a good match according to your brand.
  • Contextual Backgrounds: This background choice helps. As it gives a fair idea to the customer that how that product will appear in a real day-to-day setting.
  • Patterns: Pattern background can add flair to any product image. Be careful while using patterns as a background choice because they might cause distraction from the actual product.
  • Neutrals: Neutrals are always a great choice as the focus will always be on the product never on the background.

Bokeh and textures backgrounds can also be used if the product is a luxury item. These two backgrounds are primarily used in jewelry product photography. Bokeh is when the background of the image is blurred to achieve the desired effect by shifting all the focus on the product.

Texture background is richly used in jewelry photography or case of other luxury items like perfumes. As it creates aesthetically pleasing images. You can be very creative in making these backgrounds choice that can vary from fabrics to leaves, grass, sand, and many more. Almost anything goes if it looks good.

These alternative background choices will not only enhance the product appeal but will also set you apart from your competitors. A tad bit of creativity infused in the images that too without compromising on the clarity of the product in the images will certainly go a long way.

In the end

The challenges of selling your products online are mainly because the customer is not able to see the product directly. Your e-commerce business should aim to provide a clear idea about the specifications of the product with the provided description and images. Any ambiguity will either annoy or confuse the customers and waste their time and them leaving your website without making a purchase even if they wanted to.