How to Make Fashion Product Photography

Fashion product photography is not just about looking good. Many people do not conceptualize the photoshoot before starting it, and it may result in a big disaster. Now, the question is to analyze why you need to take the photos. Is it for social media posts, e-commerce websites, lifestyle shoots, or attractive makeup product photography? Jot down your requirements before you begin the actual shoot process. 

Usually, if it is a social media or lifestyle shoot, then you need to have some props to beautify your images. Similarly, if you are going to highlight the makeup product for other e-commerce products, then you need a white background to draw the viewer’s attention to the product rather than anywhere else. If you want then you can create a dummy shoot by using a sketch or imagine the whole scenario altogether. But, while it might seem easy to visualize the whole scenario, the truth is that it sometimes gets difficult to do so. It has resulted in several photographers making product photography mistakes.

In this post, we are going to highlight different ways that can make your fashion photography an impeccable one.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

Use Proper Lighting

Use Proper Lighting

When it comes to fashion photography the first thing that you need to consider is the lighting. Without having any proper lights, neither the product will get highlighted nor your idea will be executed properly. For example – a white background will not do wonders until it is equipped with proper lights and without the lights, it will look dull. Studio Lighting and Natural lighting are the two popular types of product photography. Choosing between both depends on the product you are choosing. For instance – natural lighting will work great when you wish to highlight fashion clothing, edible items, and people. And, these generally work great for social media platforms. To get natural lighting inside, you need to space the product in the direction where the natural lights directly fall on the product, thus giving you a perfect shot.

On the other hand, if the product is generally used inside like – cookware, artwork, or more, that is primarily sold on e-commerce websites, then having artificial product photography lighting is preferred. You can build a simple studio setup at home and incorporate the lights to add the right effect to the pictures. 

Use a Tripod

use a Tripod

Fashion product photography can be tricky and it sometimes feels daunting to capture the best shot. Speaking of tools, a tripod can make a huge difference in the quality and clarity of photography. And, above all, it’s not at all expensive. These are the stands that stabilize the camera at one position, so you get no blurry shots. Now, whether you are simply using an iPhone or a fancy DSLR, tripods come in a wide range to match your needs. If you wish to make your photography look out of the box, then investing in such tools is a great option.

Take Multiple Shots from Varying Angles

Do you want to win over your audiences with that great shot that will urge them to buy the product? Well, then try taking multiple shots! Taking multiple shots from different angles allows the customers to see what ecstasy the product is going to like. They can scroll through different angle shots and see exactly how the product is going to look in real life. Sometimes, we think from a certain angle but that won’t always work the way you expect it to do. So, for the safe side, start taking multiple shots and show your users what they are missing. 

Display the Details

Do you know that with the right photography approach, you can highlight even the nitty-gritty details of the product? However, there is no guarantee that by doing so, you will get messages from prospective clients instantly. The reality is that there are different types of viewers, some will just read a little description or simply look at the image and then further create an image of the product in their head, but some need a visual explanation to absorb the information. So, you need to take pictures from everyone’s point of view. For this, try to take snaps from such angles that cover each important detail. For example – if you are selling fashion bags, and highlighting all the best features of the bag like – the exteriors of the bag, zipper pockets, and material photograph, then the customer will get a fair idea of how exactly the product is going to look and how it can add value to them.


Learning techniques to do the best fashion product photography is fun but can be scary if not done the right way. If you are seeking professional help then you can contact Product Photo, a professional product photography studio that can help you click the perfect product shot. 

Product Photography Tips for the Holidays

The Holiday season is here, and it usually implies the time for skyrocketing sales with people buying lots of presents for their loved ones and preparing to welcome the new year with a blast. The market these days is flooded with amazing products, and business owners try to showcase their products’ best versions through amazing photographs in advertisements, on social media, or their websites. The season holds great opportunities both for e-commerce owners as well as photographers, especially those specializing in clicking and exhibiting product photographs.

Clicking good product photos is an art, and it requires considerable experience and expertise, especially when it comes to getting holiday product photography right. If you are a business, hiring professionals to click crisp, clean, and beautiful product photos is imperative. The following tips will help you click some of the greatest shots this holiday season if you are a photographer.

Before getting your next holiday product photoshoot done, make sure to take note of the following tips.

1. Make a Photo List:

The first step is to chalk out a detailed course of action. It includes deciding what products you need to include in the series, whether you want individual shots or shooting the complete product line in a single shot. Discuss the requirements and expectations of the client, and then proceed to finalize the photography settings, required angles, number of shots, lighting, and size. Also, define the number of primary and secondary images beforehand so that no confusions arise later.

2. Ensure More Than Sufficient Lighting:

When it comes to clicking eye-catchy product photos, you can’t be a snob for lighting. Product Photos require proper lighting, and if you don’t have that, no amount of expensive equipment and camera settings can help you get the right shots. Ideally, natural light suits best for product shoots, but even if you don’t have that, using good lighting equipment will do the trick. Just make sure all your lighting equipment emits the same color of light, and your product doesn’t show exhibit any shadows in the photoshoot. If you are shooting in natural light, don’t put the products under direct sunlight as it may affect the appearance of actual colors in the photo. 

3. Treat Your Photos Like a Gift:

To keep the spirit of the holiday season, you must treat your photos like a gift to Santa. It means that you ought to have a really good composition that highlights your creations and instantly capture the scroller’s attention. Just like you perfectly wrap a gift and decorate it, make sure to keep the background clean and uncluttered, and add additional effects to make the photographs stand out. 

4. Use the Right Colors to Enhance the Pictures:

Apart from the background lighting, your pictures must have the right colors that enhance the product. Usually, product photos look best with a plain white background, but depending on the product and audience, you can tweak the background a bit to add some color. You can even use some warm lights to take beautiful shots, but you might have to edit them later a bit. 

5. Coordinate with the Right Props:

The holidays mean it’s time for fun and celebrations, and this should be reflected in your product photographs. If you are shooting handmade products made by a local craftsman, try adding a few props that resonate with the holiday spirit. These may include some fairy lights that don’t affect your shot or little Christmas trees and relative decoration. You can also play with fake snow or try a flat lay if your product can fit on a tabletop and surround it with items emanating a festive spirit.

6. Consider the Costs:

Whether you are a photographer or a business person that needs to get some good holiday shots for their products, it is crucial to determine the costs in advance. You need to ascertain costs, including the shots in various resolutions, different sizes, angles, editing, touching, etc. Developing a high volume of photographs usually turns out to be cost-efficient, provided both the parties agree to it. Determining the right product photography pricing before clicking any shots is imperative to avoid misunderstandings and maintain good business relations even after the holiday season.

Summing Up

The Holiday season inadvertently means that people will be spending more on gifts, resulting in increased sales and high competition from big and small businesses alike. It is the best time to get some good holiday-themed photographs of your product by hiring a reliable product photographer like the professionals at Product Photo. We host the best product photography shoots, be it for displaying online or in print. We offer services like commercial product photography, Amazon product photography,and Ecommerce Product Photography. Get in touch now to get the best shots for your amazing products this holiday season, and display them with pride to catch even a casual scroller’s eye.

Amazon Product Photography Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Product images play a crucial part in your listings’ success on eCommerce websites, especially ones like Amazon, where your fiercest competition is present. The main image is what attracts customers to your product, and it needs to be extremely attractive with a white background so that one only sees the product. However, apart from the main image, the other product images need to look good too. And a good product photography studio with experience in shooting the latest Amazon photography trends will help you accomplish this goal. Here’s what you can look forward to in your product images for 2022.

3D Product Visuals

These days businesses are trying to get more creative with presenting their products on Amazon – the world’s biggest online shopping site to help make their products stand out from the competition. Capturing sharp, clear, and well-focused images to attract customers will not do the trick anymore. If you wish to be ahead of your competitors on Amazon in 2022, you should try out adding 3D effects and rendering to your images.
With 3D and AR entering the mainstream, customers can expect more immersive images, thus getting a clear picture of the product. 3D images are believed to create confidence and better control for customers while shopping online, allowing them to visualize and interact with products like they would in a real store.

360 Degree Product Views

360 Degree Product view

Nowadays, consumers want to see the product from possibly every angle before making a purchase, just like they would in a physical store. 360 Degree views of products help them take a look and know everything about their physical appearance. In the last couple of years, 360-degree photographs have become highly popular on social media and are expected to be a forerunner on shopping sites like Amazon too. Although many retailers on Myntra showcase their fashion merchandise and perfume product photography with a 360-degree angle, the trend is soon taking off with other non-fashion-related products.
This photography trend is set to stay for a long time, with more and more brands taking advantage of the technology. Adding it to your marketing strategy in 2022 is a must, especially for larger products, to ensure you are at par with the competition.

Explainer Videos

The concept of product videos is not something new, especially on Amazon, where sellers share explainer videos about their products and their functionalities. However, since consumers nowadays have been rapidly switching to video content than a written description, sellers may now have to include complete descriptions in their videos to attract new customers.

Since the latest technological developments have allowed videos to be more compact, these can be delivered through a variety of platforms. This trend has had a domino effect on product photographers, forcing them to enhance their skills in videography if they wish to attract big brands. For brands, it means they need to find photographers with experience in creating attractive videos for showcasing their products on Amazon.

Mobile-Friendly Photographs

Mobile friendly Photography

The transition from cameras and laptops to mobile phones has changed how product photography is done nowadays. Yes, you still need that sharp DSLR image for your products on Amazon, but now they must be vertically captured for ease of viewing on mobiles. Since mobiles have a limited screen space, photographers have had to adapt and ensure the picture is vertically-oriented and compact. Making Amazon product photography mobile-optimized is a need of the hour, and 2022 is certainly going to see this trend being followed by every small and large business. In fact, for sellers’ convenience, companies can also click images through the Amazon sellers’ app and edit them a bit to ensure they are completely mobile optimized. However, these images certainly don’t beat those created by a professional photographer.

Minimalist Editing

Gone are the days when every product image was highly edited before publishing it on eCommerce sites. Consumers nowadays want authenticity in product photographs, and this can only be accomplished through presenting original pictures. It means that your product photo studio must get the images right during the photo shoot so that only minimalist editing is required to preserve their authenticity.

Summing Up

Staying in tune with the latest photography industry trends is the key to staying successful in Amazon product photography. Whether you are a company selling products, or are a photography studio, adopting what’s new in the industry and constantly innovating to satisfy the end consumers will help you stay ahead of the game. So, don’t forget to incorporate the above trends in 2022. If you are looking for some amazing photoshoots at reasonable prices for your business, reach out to – a place where experienced photographers can bring out the best in your product by presenting it on Amazon photography, e-commerce website, and print media.

How to Master Product Photography on a Small Budget?

Well, what will be the quickest way to save time, when you’re browsing online to gather information for a specific product? That’s a no-brainer. We look for the product images. It’s easy to understand a product by viewing their image than by reading the specifications only.

Product images testify the product quality. They create transparency and trust as they are the windows into your e-commerce store. Images shape the first impressions about the quality and value of the product and the buyers immediately decide whether to browse further or leave the website.

Product photography is more about images that engage and convert your website visitors into buyers. As visuals create a better impression. The good news is that all this can be achieved without wasting time and money.

You need not worry if unable to find professional product photography services. By applying these simple techniques, you can easily master product photography on a small budget. Get polished product images that convey your company’s brand image nicely and entice your customers in buying your products.

Tips to Master Product Photography on a Small Budget

The website visitors first engage with the image, no matter how much sophisticated the written copy is. The image quality will form the first impression of the product and your brand both.

You should prefer professional product photography if you can afford it, or else, use the below-mentioned tips to master product photography if you’re on a tight budget. Quality visuals are essential for increasing sales and they make the key element of branding.

There are essentially 3 kinds of the e-commerce product photography that’s used in Amazon product photography service

In the first one, white background is preferred and the images are clean-cut.

The second kind of photography is in-context or lifestyle photos that give an idea about how that product will look in the intended environment. In-context photos give a lot more creative freedom to the photographer.

The last one is the product-only kind of images that are meant to show your product from all the relevant angles. This is used in make-up product photography. These images define your products and their specifications.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Setting Up Background and Product

Getting the background right is important. It helps in the editing process. White and light backgrounds are easy to remove while re-touching the images. If you have a tight budget then you can use a shooting table or a light tent. To get the desired results, you need a roll of craft paper to get the white background.

You can create your own lightbox or light tent. A lightbox is box-shaped and has translucent walls. This device distributes the light evenly around the object. To make the lightbox, use a plastic container and remove its lid. Tape white paper to the bottom and the sides of the plastic box. Use artificial lighting to light up the sides of this box or place it near a large window to use natural lighting.

2. Get the Lighting Right

Product photos can be taken in either natural light or in the studio light. Make sure you don’t take pictures in harsh light. Never shoot under direct sunlight. Direct light can create harsh shadows. If you want to shoot in studio lights then you will need two softbox lights set up to manage the shadows right.

3. Use Tripod

Tripod is used for consistency, stability and focus. Use a tripod to keep your camera fixed. So, you don’t get blurry images. If your budget is a restriction then use a pile of books or a stool to keep your camera fixed.
photo studio for product photography

4. Use the Right Camera

Pick the right camera to shoot the images. Your camera is the most essential equipment that you will need for a product photography shoot. The prices of DSLR and point and shoot cameras has dropped. You can even use your smartphone to click the images as long as you get the lighting and the background right.

5. Post-Processing of the Images

To get a polished look it’s important to retouch your product images. Editing can make all the difference. You can use photo editing software that removes most of the flaws automatically.

6. Optimize your Product Images and Increase SEO

Optimize your product images so that they won’t slow down the page load speed. Every second count and can affect your conversion rates. Use free minifying tools to optimize your images and name your images correctly including the right keywords.

7. Required Tools

In the end, a list of required tools and equipment – a shooting table, lightbox, studio light, tripod, smartphone or camera, image editing tools – Canva, Motor, Snapseed, etc.
studio product shot


Product photography is an essential part of advertising, specifically when you’re selling products directly to buyers. Whether it’s done for catalogue, magazine ads, online ads, company websites and brochures, the specific techniques to show products are used to attract the potential buyers.

Product photography rates vary depending upon the skills of the photographer and the techniques applied. A quick online comparison can be conducted to find the best services at fair prices.

Amazing Backdrop Ideas to Make Your Products Standout

You need not break your bank in quest of getting that perfect backdrop for your product photoshoot. We all at times come across those perfectly clicked images and wonder that those are clicked by a super professional photographer with all the expensive gear to click this oh-so-perfect image.

You are not alone to think like that we all do. But the fact is that you need not burn a hole in your pocket to get those perfect product images.

A little bit of imagination and creative use of easily available stuff and there you are with those amazing backdrops that will make your product stand out and add to their appeal.

If you are not able to take product photography services then use these ideas to create that perfect backdrop and there will be no stopping in getting those cool product photographs. These are awesome and cheap! Let us get started –

Use these Backdrop Ideas to get that Amazing Product Images for Amazon Product Photography

You don’t need expensive gear to click your product neither you do have to sink scads of cash in traveling to get an exotic location as a backdrop to click the picture of that dress that you want to sell.

You can use some very inexpensive ways to take pictures of your products with the backgrounds that cost you nothing. Use these fantastic backdrop ideas to take as many pictures you want for amazon product photography or for your own website for advertising.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Old Books

Old books make a great background for small sized products. This will give an entirely different feel to your product image.
book product photography

2. Metal Trays

If you want to create a little bit of metallic shine and texture background what’s best than a metal tray. Try it and you can create a different look without being overwhelming.

3. Old Doors and Whitewashed Wood

Old doors look cool as a backdrop for your product, especially if it’s a dress. These can be used over and over again. Even whitewashed wood makes a perfect backdrop. Repurpose pallet, paint it white and you get a portable and pretty background for your products.

4. Sky

Yes, you can definitely use the sky as your product backdrop. The bright blue sky can make a different background for cute little kids socks, towels and clothes. Try shooting up with sky working as a perfect backdrop.

5. Brick

Brick wall, brick sidewalk all these make a perfect kind of backdrop. All you need is great lighting. Even a pile of bricks will create a different background.
product photography usa

6. Concrete

Concrete floors, concrete blocks all these can be used as your product backdrop.

7. Fences

Fences make an awesome backdrop for products of all kinds. Try this for sure.

8. An Outdoor deck, Desk or tabletop

A desk or tabletop or an outdoor deck is a perfect place to click a lot of product images.

9. Floors

Either you select wooden floor or cement, marble or any kind of floor they make pretty dang great background. You can get cool pictures on just a cement floor background. Go for it.
Product Photography

10. A Couch

Doesn’t matter if you have one made of leather, fabric or is it old or new. You can always use your sofa as a backdrop and get amazing results.

11. Natural Backgrounds like a log, Moss or Slate

Natural backgrounds like a log, moss or slate are the cheapest yet prettiest backdrop to go for.

12. Paper, Scrapbook Paper, Newspaper or Poster Board

Scrapbook paper makes a good backdrop for jewelry products. Wallpaper, contact paper, newspaper and poster board, all of these can be used effectively.

13. Your Bed

Your bed can become a perfect backdrop for your product photoshoot. Feel free to use it by choosing the bedsheet that makes the product stand out.

Not only these there are more ideas that you can think of as a suitable backdrop that won’t cost you a penny. You only have to make sure that your product stands out. Dump truck, bowl, rocking chair or anything else, this list is endless.

You don’t necessarily need white background for your product photos. But you do need a simple neutral background that’s not necessarily a white one. Check the commercial photography rates to decide on whom to hire.

In the End

The product photography pricing varies widely because a lot of hobbyist and amateur also offer services and charge much less than professional product photographers. Before hiring compare the quality of the work.

You can suggest these background ideas if you did plan to hire a professional product photographer to make sure you get those unique and amazing images.

7 Conversion Driven Photography Tips for Baby Web Store

If you run a baby web store and wish to enhance visits on your website that ultimately leads to conversion you might find this article useful in many ways. Product description in itself can’t convey all the necessary details of your products. You will need images too.

As we all know that it’s quite hard to describe the attributes of any product in a way that your consumer gets a clear picture of what they are buying. Moreover, people always want to see what they’re getting.

If you happen to run a baby web store you can put adorable images of cute babies displaying your products. These images can help you drive conversions for your baby web store. Visuals appeals more than a mere description and in the case of a baby web store baby product photography will help you gather enough attention. These pictures come out adorable and beautiful.

Seven Photography Tips that can Prove to be Useful in Driving the Conversions

An image will help the customer understand your product much better. But getting those images perfectly is something that is easy all you need to do is to add a splash of creativity. High-resolution images clicked simply and your website is all set with those adorable images.

7 quick and easy-to-apply photography tips if you’re wondering how to get those conversions done.

  • You need high-resolution images. One thing that helps provide an accurate idea about any product is by displaying it clearly. No wonder why images play a very important role in conversion. But these pictures can’t be of any use if they are not high-quality images.
  • You can take the help of any product photography services, as professional product photography will offer better quality beautiful images. Professionals are experts in understanding your requirements and can suggest to you a variety of options for the product presentations in the images.
  • Try to keep it simple. The focus should always be on the baby and the product. It’s way much better to click pictures that highlight the product. Simplicity is preferable to any kind of complexity.
  • Use of sunlight is undoubtedly better than the flashlight of the camera. The camera’s flash is nothing in comparison to the sunlight. You will be able to click brighter pictures. Natural daylight is better whether the pictures are clicked indoors or outdoors.
  • Closer pictures provide better details and the expressions are lively in the case of images of newborn baby products. The background should not cause much hindrance. In the case of products like shoes, gloves and socks a close-up picture is better where only the product is shown in great detail and done creatively so that it doesn’t appear awkward.
  • You can get quite creative in displaying your products in a way that stands out effectively. A wide range of baby products can be better displayed in a creative way like socks, woolens, towels, diapers, shoes, and caps all these can be used creatively in the image.
  • Commercial photography rates might vary a great deal. You should check and compare the prices of photography service providers in your locale. A quick comparison of the rates and service quality might help you save money.

In the case of newborn baby products, you must be very careful while capturing the pictures as it will require a great deal of patience, creativity, and perfection to click small babies with your products but the outcome will be worthy enough for all that hard work you’ll put into getting it.

Use Your Imagination to Click Some Drool-Worthy Pictures

Creativity and imagination both are boundless and in the case of baby product photography the options to use both are beyond measure. A simple background that accentuates your products can be formed by the use of fabrics, materials, theme-based, vibrant colors, or almost anything. But it shouldn’t be distracting, everything must blend in a way that the focus still remains on the product and not the background.

On an Ending Note

Nothing appeals more to the eyes of your visitor than a beautiful and creatively clicked image of a cute baby adorning your products. Beauty product photography accentuates your product in a way that it’s easier for the customers to buy your offerings from your baby web store because now they get a clear image that highlights your product impressively.

This doesn’t mean that descriptions are of any lesser value. The best sales copy that can drive major conversions are the simplest ones not laced with hype. People want to have a clear idea about your product and in the case of a website, they get that idea pretty much by viewing the images and the descriptions both.

As an e-commerce store, your best bet lies in the product images you put on your website along with the accurate and simple product description to make it easy for your visitors to select and purchase from your web store.