10 Creative Food Photography Ideas

Due to a lot of food-centric blogs and websites, food photography is very popular and there are a lot of creative ideas on how to photograph the food beyond the plate. Look at these 10 creative food photography ideas that can be created only with your imagination. Food photography is a form of product photography.

Food photography unlike all other forms of photography doesn’t require much equipment to create beautiful food images. food product photographer is widely used at various social platforms and there’s a marked surge in the trend of sharing food images on Instagram. It won’t be wrong to say that other than sceneries and selfies, Instagram is flooded with the images of the food.

Ten Ideas to photograph your food in a creative way

Photography for Ecommerce is all about creating images that sell the product and this is the challenging part. Instagram has made it extremely easy to click and share food photographs. But to take pictures that sell a product, you need to make it more appealing.

Check these ideas to instill a streak of creativity in your product images. Make sure everything has been checked – lights, colors, depth of field, style and mood when everything works together, they will make your food photography more appealing.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1.The Commercial Style Food Photography

Use food products that are easy to get and work on capturing them differently. One way to do that is by using the combination of anything that is used in the process of preparation of that food.

The food combined with the machines or tools that are used in its preparation creates a different image. Make sure that you remove all the visible brand names from both the products and the machine. In this way, your images can be widely used for commercial purposes.
creative food photography

2. Concept-based Images

Concept-based images are a bit difficult to think. You can arrange your food to present a distinct concept. Use your imagination and think about what concept you want to present by using the food product.

3. Focus on Food’s Characteristics

Use your food’s characteristics and focus on displaying the characteristic of your food in the image. If you’re able to capture the character of your food that would create rather a distinctive imagery. For example, pepper and chilli are considered hot. Try to illustrate that in your images.
food product photography

4. Acrobatics with Food

A gravity-defying orientation of food will capture the audience’s attention and organize your food differently. You might need to use some support to organize the food in this manner that can be removed later from the final image after the edits. Use a white or black background to make the process of editing easier.

5. Capture a Splash

If you can ingrain some motion in your food image it will look different. A splash can be captured to add more dynamics in the image. Use fast shutter speed to freeze the splash.

6. Fun Images

Fun images can be created by the use of weird looking but interesting props. All you require in creating fun images is a bit of thought and looking for things differently then only you can make it happen in your product photography.

7. Fresh Images

Add the details in your image that emphasizes the food is freshly prepared and give a hint of its freshness.

8. Try a Different Approach

You can click images that depict something else like for an image of fresh juice instead of showing juice in a glass tries the image of fruit with a straw in it.
beverage product photography

9. Focus on Simplicity

A simple minimalistic approach appears different and good. Focus on simplicity while capturing the image.

10. Slice it or Pile it Up

Stacking food to maximize its effectiveness is quite a common practice. There are two ways of doing it. One way is to slice a whole food product and show all its items separated and the other way is to pile it up. In both methods, this layering should be visible and emphasized to make it stand out.


Apart from using all these ideas, you can also use coloured food to make a difference in the food photographs that are otherwise dull in colors. A combination of coloured food can be used to create the desired effect.

Product photography pricing depends on the quality of the images required and varies based on the experience of the photographer. If you are considering hiring a professional to get those perfect food images to be used for commercial purposes hen consider hiring a professional that is equally apt in creating and implementing creative images and not afraid of thinking out of the box.

Save Those Bucks on Product Photography

E-commerce is all about picture play. What looks pretty, sells. It’s that simple. No. An attractive picture is no guarantee for a second sale, but it plays the first perfect hook. Is that why ecommerce photography is so significant? The reasons are many.

According to experts, people recall 80 percent of what they see and retain only 20 percent of what they see. Prominent, exciting imagery goes a long way in making conversions online.

So, how do you master the art without splurging a bomb on photography? Let’s take a look at some of these simple tips that go a long way.

Turntables for 360-degree spins

More than a lesson, this is a hack. You must have seen that 360-degree product spins for various product photos. They are becoming increasingly popular. And with the help of Ecommerce Product Photography Services, your website can make a quick buck with this simple technique. A 360-degree spin gives your viewers a first-hand virtual product experience.

There are many cheap and workable turntables available in the market to aid your photography needs. Some of these need a computer connection, but some of them don’t. Find the one that suits your budget and needs. You can get some of these motorised turntables at reasonable prices.

Get Your Basics Right

You do not need an expensive camera if you know the basics. You can try all the tricks you want, but you have to get the basics to get your product photos perfect. So, here are a few things that you must follow. Firstly, do not use a wide angle lens. This only distorts your product.

Secondly, know what aperture to use for which type of professional product shots. For instance, f2.8 will narrow your DoF. This leaves some parts of your product out of focus. For the product to be in close attention, use a more extensive Depth of Field. Adjust the aperture accordingly.

Set up a Clever Studio

With the madness of pictures available online, it’s easy to miss out on one or the other. This makes it essential to place your image in the right place and create something that catches everybody’s attention. This is why you need to set up a bright studio without wasting a lot of money.

Also it is necessary to know about product shoot rates, For instance, if you are shooting a big object, For larger products, choose an area with ample space to hang in the backdrop. Put smaller objects with the backdrop and make sure you use light boxes as the spread the light evenly.

Compose it Right

A photograph gets its character from the composition it holds. The composition is where the image gets its balance from. When you are clicking a product, even if you are not a professional, just maintain the harmony and balance between colours. Get more perspective on the shot by moving the products around to see which angle gives your product the maximum focus.

Add colour to create a balance. You can use sheets of cloth, chart papers, and colour splashes with little objects that just add to the character of the product. For instance, a photo shoot for your stationery products only needs a good wooden table, a plant by the couch, and ample light.

Camera & Accessories

Unless and until you are going for some outdoor shoot that “only” requires a professional camera, it’s advisable to use less expensive models. Remind yourself that the lens makes a lot of difference. So you need to save up for that too.

You can save a great deal if you purchase lenses from a pawn shop. There are many websites which offer second-hand lenses. Do your research well. You can find basic tripods for as low as $25. Check out all the options before calculating your final Product photography rates.

Don’t Overspend on Lighting Kits

This is where most people who don’t plan, go wrong. Let’s just face it—Lighting kits are expensive. Period.

So, how do you save on this? Plan. Plan. Plan. If you plan, you know where to rent them from. Whether you need monolights or speedlights, you can easily rent them all, if only you research well.

Your products are your brand image. Use these simple studio product photography tips to make the most of your product imagery by using the best light, rented products and the right contrasts!

How to Select, Prepare & Send Your Items

Place Order

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Selecting Products For Photos

In order for our product shoot photographers and retouchers to provide you with the best possible Product photography services it is important that you pay special attention to the products you send us. One easy way to spot potential issues is to line up all your products on a table and compare to each other. While doing a product inspection look out for crooked labels, scratches, packaging flaws, inconsistent product fill levels, dents, etc. Select the best samples you have available to send us. While we can often correct minor product flaws, it is not always possible. Sending your best sample starts your shoot off right.

Ship Your Package

The next step is to carefully pack up all the items that you need to photograph and ship them to us at the address provided in your order confirmation email. We accept shipments to our studio via UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and other carriers.  If possible please also print out a copy of your order confirmation and include it in the box. If you do not have access to a printer please write down your order number and name on a piece of paper. This helps ensure no orders get lost.

We highly recommend double boxing products to ensure they do not get damaged in transit.