Things to Consider While Taking Clothing Product Photography on White Background

The secret mantra for an online store’s success is creating a good impression at the first sight. To achieve good quality product photography is essential. Having prolific product photos on your eCommerce website with White Background will create a significant difference in your store conversion rate.

Most business owners are worried about commercial photography rates, but they need to understand the fact that, spending money on product photography should consider an investment for an eCommerce business. Based on a recent study conducted among the potential online buyers, in an online store product photos are more important than the review and rating product along with the product information.

This blog will elaborate on what to consider for taking good quality clothing product photography on white background.

But before getting into the core, let’s brush up on why the white background is the best for product photography?

Capturing products on white background plays a key role in upping the products in the image; this will ease things for photographers to shoot and also to edit like a pro. Take a look at the significance of white background in product photography.

1. To Highlight Your Products With Least Distraction

Having a single-color background will offer more consistency, well if it is white then you can enjoy more continuity in your image. Also, white background will enhance the product look with the least amount of distraction.

2. To Offer More Versatility For Marketing Channels

Many online stores use their product images for marketing, in such cases having a white background color on your product photography will be helpful to market your store on different marketing channels like Google Shopping Campaigns, Amazon Marketplace, and so on.

3. To Edit Easily

As far as study, white color seems to offer more comfort for editors to edit an image for beginners. Also, photographers find it more comfortable to conduct a shoot at a product photography studio with white background.

4. To Color Product Photo Background Easily

If you tend to add a spot color to your product display in the future, white background makes it easier even beginners can do it at ease. Editing is inevitable when it comes to beauty product photography in such white background plays a key role.

1. Use a Mannequin

Displaying the product in a realistic form is more important in product photography. A Mannequin is a doll that gives a realistic human shape, a business owner who finds it difficult to find a model for a photoshoot can make use of it.

In the case of clothing product photography, having a mannequin would be a great value because buyers can keep visualizing how the clothing product would look.

2. Hire a Model

If you are willing to spend more on your clothing product photography then hiring a model would be best. Models can give any kind of pose as dictated allowing photographers to shoot from a different angle that buyers would be keen to look at before buying the product.

3. Preparing Essential Clothing Photography Equipment

When it comes to clothing photography you don’t need to break your bank, these days you can find a lot of Smartphones that come with better camera features. Apart from here are the few things you need to make sure you keep ready before the shoot.

  • High-Resolution Camera with Tripod
  • Lighting Equipment
  • White Backdrop Kit
  • Photography Toolbox

4. Preparing Clothing Products

Preparation is the key factor when it comes to product photography. You need to spend sufficient time preparing to have a great photoshoot. Here are the few things you need to concentrate on for conducting clothing product photography.

  • Prepare your clothes (ironing, buttoned-up, Sleeves folded neatly, and so )
  • Make sure the mannequin is dressed up perfectly
  • Keep the photography toolbox open and cross-check whether you have all essentials
  • Keep your spare pins, and charged spare batteries readily

5. Setting Up Photography Studio For Clothing Product Photography

Setting your backdrop is the most essential when it comes to setting up product photography. The second thing you need to do is to set up your studio lighting & camera ready. To set up perfect lighting & camera angle keep following the below-given tips.

  • Set your lights next to the camera focusing towards the mannequin and should be positioned 45-degree angle.
  • For setting your camera for clothing photography you need to concentrate on three things: Aperture (between F/8 to f/11), ISO sensitivity (400 to 800), and Shutter Speed (Around 1/125).

Bottom Line

Remember, the product photography for clothing isn’t that much tricky as capturing tiny and shiny products like jewels. It can be fun if you set up the product photography studio right. Good clothing photography will give an elegant look to your online store. Make use of those tips and make your store look amazing.


Ghost Mannequin Photography Tips for Ecommerce Business

Want to give your products a professional look on your eCommerce website? Read on to know what is Ghost Mannequin Photography and some tips to get the best results for your business.

If you are in an eCommerce apparel business, showcasing your products on your website can be intimidating. The photographs on your websites must allow the customers the look and fit of the products.

While hiring models for the product shoots looks promising, it is expensive and can be distracting for your customers. Ghost Mannequin Photography is a simple and cost-effective technique for apparel photography on an eCommerce website.

What is Ghost Mannequin Photography?

A ghost Mannequin is a specially designed mannequin having removable body parts like chest, arms, legs, etc. During the shoot, the product photographer takes multiple photos of the product on the mannequin. The photographer then combines these photos and removes the mannequin during post-processing. As a result, your customers can check the fitness of a realistic human shape.

Now that you are aware of the technique, here are some tips for the Ghost Mannequin Photography to boost your eCommerce business.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Select the Right Mannequin for Your Product:

Proper selection of the mannequin is crucial for eCommerce product photography. Here are some of the most recommended tips to help you in selecting the perfect mannequin for your product.

  • Choose a mannequin that fits your product perfectly. A good fit highlights the detailing and brings out the best of your garment.
  • It might not be practical to keep different sizes of mannequins for each product. In such cases, use pins or clips to ensure the best fitting possible.

2. Plan the Photoshoot:

A little bit of planning can be time-saving in the long run. Imagine the shoot visually in your mind and make sure that you have everything you need. Cameras, tripods, and lights are some of the most basic equipment for taking professional product photos.

  • For general apparel photography, maintain the symmetry of the garment on the mannequin. For example, keeping the shoulders at the same level is a simple yet effective tip to increase the visual appeal of the product.
  • Don’t forget to shoot the garment at different angles and distances as your customers can get the idea of the garment’s fabric from its close-up image.

3. Set Up the Camera and Equipment:

Most amateur photographers fail to set up their camera parameters according to the requirements of the scene. Here are some tips on how to choose the most basic camera settings.

  • Aperture controls the lens focus and must be set to higher values (f/8 to f/12) to highlight the detailing of the product.
  • If you are using artificial lights, go for high ISO settings (~600) to reduce noise and grey spots in the photographs.
  • Similarly, adjust the shutter speed according to ambient lighting and the color of the garment to allow sufficient light on it.
  • Natural light is the most inexpensive and top-quality light source for taking garment photographs. If natural light is insufficient or unavailable, you can use the equipment for key-lighting, fill-lighting, and hair-lighting.
product photo shooting

4. Take Photographs:

Now that everything about the shoot is in order, it’s time to take the photographs. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your photographs look professional and are akin to the Amazon Photography Service.

  • Position the camera at the chest level or hip level of the garment.
  • Make sure that your camera points the product at the correct angle. If the camera angle is too high or too low, the apparel looks skewed and asymmetric.
  • No matter how experienced you are, use a tripod to stabilize the camera.
  • Take close-up images to highlight the details like zips, cuffs, embroideries, and other designs of the garment.

5. Edit the Image:

Finally, it’s time for some post-processing techniques to give a professional look to your photographs. As explained above, the Ghost Mannequin Photography requires combining two or more images and removing the mannequin subsequently.

Powerful post-production software like Adobe Photoshop gives you plenty of tools to achieve the task. For example, you can create different layers containing the background and the product. You can now select the product and remove the background layer and unnecessary parts by masking. Additionally, give some depth to your photos by adding shadows.

beverage product photography

Ghost Mannequin Photography to Boost Your Business:

You can either follow these DIY tips or hire a professional firm to give an edge to your business over your competitors. Leading professional product photographers offer commercial photography rates at competitive prices. From photographing your product to post-processing, these experts take care of every aspect of the photographs on your website.

6 Common Mistakes in Apparel & Clothing Photography

Every new year brings with it a host of new product photography trends and technologies. If you sell apparel, clothing, accessories, and related products online, your photography style should adopt these latest trends for improved engagement with your potential customers.

But while product photography trends change with time, the fundamentals continue to remain the same. As a fashion store owner or fashion photographer, your job is first to get the fundamentals right and then try to work on modern trends.

To help you work on the fundamentals of apparel and clothing photography, here is a list of 6 mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Not Preparing the Garment

The primary purpose of product photography is to attract the customers that land on your product page. In other words, your product should look as attractive as possible. No matter how good the Product photography services or photograph is, if the product itself is not thoroughly prepared for the photo, it will ever be able to deliver the expected results.

To start with, make sure that the clothing or apparel you want to photograph is clean and ironed or steamed. Ensure that there are no stickers, tags, or any other identifying materials on the garment. If the product has fabric strings or dust, you can use tapes or lint rollers to remove them.

2. Using Flat-Lay or Hanger Photography

Many of the e-commerce stores, online sellers, and photographers from the fashion segment continue to display their products either by laying them flat or on hangers. While this photography used to work in the past, the e-commerce industry and consumers have evolved to a great extent.

It is now essential to communicate not only the appearance but also the fit and shape of the product to the customers. The best way to do this is to make mannequins or live models wear your products. While live models should be preferred, you should at least use mannequins if you are low on budget or constrained by time.

clothing product photography

3. Inadequate Lighting

Nothing damages the brilliance of a product as inadequate lighting does. If the lighting is not adequate, the photos will appear underexposed, and this will significantly impact their appearance and appeal in the eyes of the customers. Natural and bright lighting is generally ideal for fashion products.

Most online stores and fashion photographers prefer product photography in white background. You can consider the same as well to make sure that the product photos look bright and appealing.

4. Providing Only a Few Photos

Just like flat-lay and hanger photography, providing only one or two pictures of your product won’t work anymore. Fewer the number of product photographs, the more difficult it will be for the customers to visualize themselves wearing the product or understand the product quality.

So, you should try to upload at least 3 photos of every single product you have in your inventory. Most e-commerce platforms allow you to upload more than 3 pictures. For instance, Amazon allows you to upload up to 9 product pictures. Make sure that you take pictures of the front, back, and sides of the product, along with close-up photos of the detailing, zippers, and buttons.

5. Unprofessional Editing

A lot of store owners adequately prepare their products before the shoot, ensure proper lighting, and camera settings to take high-quality photos. But their product photos still fail to get the expected engagement. This might be because of your limited image editing skills.

You should be very good with aspects like background, colors, alignment, and cropping to add that professional touch to your product photos. Store owners can consider professional product photography services for the best results. Check out commercial photography rates and rest assured that the services are not as expensive as you’d expect.

product photography photos

6. Taking JPEG Pictures

The JPEG format is excellent for taking pictures that you want to upload to your personal social networking accounts.  The pictures look great and don’t take a lot of storage space. However, it is not the best choice for professional apparel and clothing photography.

JPEG pictures don’t look as good when you zoom into them, and the pixels can collapse at the time of converting the image to other popular formats. Most professional product photographers commonly use the RAW format as it gives more pixels to the images.

Ready to Improve Your Apparel and Clothing Photography?

No matter if you are an e-commerce store owner, an online seller, or an amateur product photographer, avoid the mistakes discussed in this post, and you are sure to get better results.

But as compared to other product categories like beauty products photography, they are more applicable in the fashion space as visuals play a significant role in the buying decision of the customers looking to purchase clothing and apparel online.

Watch out for these common mistakes so that you take highly engaging product pictures that could help you improve conversions.

The Role of Commercial Product Photography for Small Budget Business

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a professional product photograph is worth a thousand online hits and betters the chances of making an online sale.

The potential of a stunning product picture is hard to ignore, and if you have been overlooking this aspect, then you are possibly losing many prospective sales. A photograph has the potential to make or break a brand because online shopping depends entirely on the product images you provide.

If you are also trying to convince people in to buy your stuff, then you need to think about the most attention-grabbing aspect of online shopping.

1. Provides a Professional Outlook

Getting professional images of your product enables you to get ahead of your competitors as a creative and quality image of the product adds credibility and provides a professional appearance to it. Providing low-quality, amateurish photos replicates poorly on the business, which any business owner can’t afford.

Selling a product is easy, but growing your brand along the course is a hard nut to crack. However, seeking professional help will provide you with an edge over your competitors.

2. Makes your Product Shine

How many times have you bought something online because of the compelling pictures of the product? Almost every time, isn’t it? For an online business, you need to persuade the buyer to purchase an item they can’t feel, touch or see. Professional photographers have an eye for detail, and an ability to make your product stand out by enhancing the quality, lighting and clarity of the image.

Look for professional photography services online and analyze their commercial photography rates to get the cut-out deal for you. Professional pictures of your product make them shine. Therefore, providing a professional product image is the best you can do to increase your product’s selling value.

3. Needs Lesser Efforts to get it Right

When it comes to pictures, getting everything right is a daunting task. Professional product photography services are there to make the process of taking product pictures hassle-free. Hiring a professional help means you can avail of their skills along with their lighting gadgets, photography equipment, editing and retouching services as well. All these are necessary to take eye-catching professional-looking pictures of your product.

It is also necessary to research thoroughly before choosing any service provider. Look for the best website and Amazon product photography Service providers online. Make sure to communicate your brand values and vision about the product clearly to them to create stunning product images.

4. More Cost-Effective Approach

It is easy to decide to channel your inner entrepreneur and creative side to get it done by yourself to avoid the extra cost. But, when it comes to growing your brand and expanding your brand reach, hiring commercial product photography services is a quite cost-effective approach.

Moreover, compelling and genuine product images can increase sales and also limit the product returns drastically. Having multiple high-quality pictures of the product helps the buyers take a mindful decision to buy your product. When they receive products that match their expectations, it increases customer satisfaction and hence, limiting the chances of getting the product returned.

5. Picture Speaks Louder than Words

By providing reliable and high-quality photos of your product, you can create a sense of satisfaction among customers. Your product pictures act just like a salesperson if you make an effort to get that right.

Showing different colors pop vividly, size, shape, and other features of your product will help it grab the attention of the buyer. It is a way of telling your customers what your company and brand are all about without even having an interaction with them.

Commercial Product Photography – a way to Take your Brand a Step Forward

Professional product photography empowers you to describe your product by adding a skillful touch and look to it. Providing a high-quality picture of your product will reflect the essence of your goods and help your business grow. Consider finding different commercial photography services online and invest in reliable photography services. It might seem to be an expense at first but will prove to be a sturdy investment for your brand.

Amazing Backdrop Ideas to Make Your Products Standout

You need not break your bank in quest of getting that perfect backdrop for your product photoshoot. We all at times come across those perfectly clicked images and wonder that those are clicked by a super professional photographer with all the expensive gear to click this oh-so-perfect image.

You are not alone to think like that we all do. But the fact is that you need not burn a hole in your pocket to get those perfect product images.

A little bit of imagination and creative use of easily available stuff and there you are with those amazing backdrops that will make your product stand out and add to their appeal.

If you are not able to take product photography services then use these ideas to create that perfect backdrop and there will be no stopping in getting those cool product photographs. These are awesome and cheap! Let us get started –

Use these Backdrop Ideas to get that Amazing Product Images for Amazon Product Photography

You don’t need expensive gear to click your product neither you do have to sink scads of cash in traveling to get an exotic location as a backdrop to click the picture of that dress that you want to sell.

You can use some very inexpensive ways to take pictures of your products with the backgrounds that cost you nothing. Use these fantastic backdrop ideas to take as many pictures you want for amazon product photography or for your own website for advertising.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Old Books

Old books make a great background for small sized products. This will give an entirely different feel to your product image.
book product photography

2. Metal Trays

If you want to create a little bit of metallic shine and texture background what’s best than a metal tray. Try it and you can create a different look without being overwhelming.

3. Old Doors and Whitewashed Wood

Old doors look cool as a backdrop for your product, especially if it’s a dress. These can be used over and over again. Even whitewashed wood makes a perfect backdrop. Repurpose pallet, paint it white and you get a portable and pretty background for your products.

4. Sky

Yes, you can definitely use the sky as your product backdrop. The bright blue sky can make a different background for cute little kids socks, towels and clothes. Try shooting up with sky working as a perfect backdrop.

5. Brick

Brick wall, brick sidewalk all these make a perfect kind of backdrop. All you need is great lighting. Even a pile of bricks will create a different background.
product photography usa

6. Concrete

Concrete floors, concrete blocks all these can be used as your product backdrop.

7. Fences

Fences make an awesome backdrop for products of all kinds. Try this for sure.

8. An Outdoor deck, Desk or tabletop

A desk or tabletop or an outdoor deck is a perfect place to click a lot of product images.

9. Floors

Either you select wooden floor or cement, marble or any kind of floor they make pretty dang great background. You can get cool pictures on just a cement floor background. Go for it.
Product Photography

10. A Couch

Doesn’t matter if you have one made of leather, fabric or is it old or new. You can always use your sofa as a backdrop and get amazing results.

11. Natural Backgrounds like a log, Moss or Slate

Natural backgrounds like a log, moss or slate are the cheapest yet prettiest backdrop to go for.

12. Paper, Scrapbook Paper, Newspaper or Poster Board

Scrapbook paper makes a good backdrop for jewelry products. Wallpaper, contact paper, newspaper and poster board, all of these can be used effectively.

13. Your Bed

Your bed can become a perfect backdrop for your product photoshoot. Feel free to use it by choosing the bedsheet that makes the product stand out.

Not only these there are more ideas that you can think of as a suitable backdrop that won’t cost you a penny. You only have to make sure that your product stands out. Dump truck, bowl, rocking chair or anything else, this list is endless.

You don’t necessarily need white background for your product photos. But you do need a simple neutral background that’s not necessarily a white one. Check the commercial photography rates to decide on whom to hire.

In the End

The product photography pricing varies widely because a lot of hobbyist and amateur also offer services and charge much less than professional product photographers. Before hiring compare the quality of the work.

You can suggest these background ideas if you did plan to hire a professional product photographer to make sure you get those unique and amazing images.

7 Conversion Driven Photography Tips for Baby Web Store

If you run a baby web store and wish to enhance visits on your website that ultimately leads to conversion you might find this article useful in many ways. Product description in itself can’t convey all the necessary details of your products. You will need images too.

As we all know that it’s quite hard to describe the attributes of any product in a way that your consumer gets a clear picture of what they are buying. Moreover, people always want to see what they’re getting.

If you happen to run a baby web store you can put adorable images of cute babies displaying your products. These images can help you drive conversions for your baby web store. Visuals appeals more than a mere description and in the case of a baby web store baby product photography will help you gather enough attention. These pictures come out adorable and beautiful.

Seven Photography Tips that can Prove to be Useful in Driving the Conversions

An image will help the customer understand your product much better. But getting those images perfectly is something that is easy all you need to do is to add a splash of creativity. High-resolution images clicked simply and your website is all set with those adorable images.

7 quick and easy-to-apply photography tips if you’re wondering how to get those conversions done.

  • You need high-resolution images. One thing that helps provide an accurate idea about any product is by displaying it clearly. No wonder why images play a very important role in conversion. But these pictures can’t be of any use if they are not high-quality images.
  • You can take the help of any product photography services, as professional product photography will offer better quality beautiful images. Professionals are experts in understanding your requirements and can suggest to you a variety of options for the product presentations in the images.
  • Try to keep it simple. The focus should always be on the baby and the product. It’s way much better to click pictures that highlight the product. Simplicity is preferable to any kind of complexity.
  • Use of sunlight is undoubtedly better than the flashlight of the camera. The camera’s flash is nothing in comparison to the sunlight. You will be able to click brighter pictures. Natural daylight is better whether the pictures are clicked indoors or outdoors.
  • Closer pictures provide better details and the expressions are lively in the case of images of newborn baby products. The background should not cause much hindrance. In the case of products like shoes, gloves and socks a close-up picture is better where only the product is shown in great detail and done creatively so that it doesn’t appear awkward.
  • You can get quite creative in displaying your products in a way that stands out effectively. A wide range of baby products can be better displayed in a creative way like socks, woolens, towels, diapers, shoes, and caps all these can be used creatively in the image.
  • Commercial photography rates might vary a great deal. You should check and compare the prices of photography service providers in your locale. A quick comparison of the rates and service quality might help you save money.

In the case of newborn baby products, you must be very careful while capturing the pictures as it will require a great deal of patience, creativity, and perfection to click small babies with your products but the outcome will be worthy enough for all that hard work you’ll put into getting it.

Use Your Imagination to Click Some Drool-Worthy Pictures

Creativity and imagination both are boundless and in the case of baby product photography the options to use both are beyond measure. A simple background that accentuates your products can be formed by the use of fabrics, materials, theme-based, vibrant colors, or almost anything. But it shouldn’t be distracting, everything must blend in a way that the focus still remains on the product and not the background.

On an Ending Note

Nothing appeals more to the eyes of your visitor than a beautiful and creatively clicked image of a cute baby adorning your products. Beauty product photography accentuates your product in a way that it’s easier for the customers to buy your offerings from your baby web store because now they get a clear image that highlights your product impressively.

This doesn’t mean that descriptions are of any lesser value. The best sales copy that can drive major conversions are the simplest ones not laced with hype. People want to have a clear idea about your product and in the case of a website, they get that idea pretty much by viewing the images and the descriptions both.

As an e-commerce store, your best bet lies in the product images you put on your website along with the accurate and simple product description to make it easy for your visitors to select and purchase from your web store.