How to Make Fashion Product Photography

Fashion product photography is not just about looking good. Many people do not conceptualize the photoshoot before starting it, and it may result in a big disaster. Now, the question is to analyze why you need to take the photos. Is it for social media posts, e-commerce websites, lifestyle shoots, or attractive makeup product photography? Jot down your requirements before you begin the actual shoot process. 

Usually, if it is a social media or lifestyle shoot, then you need to have some props to beautify your images. Similarly, if you are going to highlight the makeup product for other e-commerce products, then you need a white background to draw the viewer’s attention to the product rather than anywhere else. If you want then you can create a dummy shoot by using a sketch or imagine the whole scenario altogether. But, while it might seem easy to visualize the whole scenario, the truth is that it sometimes gets difficult to do so. It has resulted in several photographers making product photography mistakes.

In this post, we are going to highlight different ways that can make your fashion photography an impeccable one.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

Use Proper Lighting

Use Proper Lighting

When it comes to fashion photography the first thing that you need to consider is the lighting. Without having any proper lights, neither the product will get highlighted nor your idea will be executed properly. For example – a white background will not do wonders until it is equipped with proper lights and without the lights, it will look dull. Studio Lighting and Natural lighting are the two popular types of product photography. Choosing between both depends on the product you are choosing. For instance – natural lighting will work great when you wish to highlight fashion clothing, edible items, and people. And, these generally work great for social media platforms. To get natural lighting inside, you need to space the product in the direction where the natural lights directly fall on the product, thus giving you a perfect shot.

On the other hand, if the product is generally used inside like – cookware, artwork, or more, that is primarily sold on e-commerce websites, then having artificial product photography lighting is preferred. You can build a simple studio setup at home and incorporate the lights to add the right effect to the pictures. 

Use a Tripod

use a Tripod

Fashion product photography can be tricky and it sometimes feels daunting to capture the best shot. Speaking of tools, a tripod can make a huge difference in the quality and clarity of photography. And, above all, it’s not at all expensive. These are the stands that stabilize the camera at one position, so you get no blurry shots. Now, whether you are simply using an iPhone or a fancy DSLR, tripods come in a wide range to match your needs. If you wish to make your photography look out of the box, then investing in such tools is a great option.

Take Multiple Shots from Varying Angles

Do you want to win over your audiences with that great shot that will urge them to buy the product? Well, then try taking multiple shots! Taking multiple shots from different angles allows the customers to see what ecstasy the product is going to like. They can scroll through different angle shots and see exactly how the product is going to look in real life. Sometimes, we think from a certain angle but that won’t always work the way you expect it to do. So, for the safe side, start taking multiple shots and show your users what they are missing. 

Display the Details

Do you know that with the right photography approach, you can highlight even the nitty-gritty details of the product? However, there is no guarantee that by doing so, you will get messages from prospective clients instantly. The reality is that there are different types of viewers, some will just read a little description or simply look at the image and then further create an image of the product in their head, but some need a visual explanation to absorb the information. So, you need to take pictures from everyone’s point of view. For this, try to take snaps from such angles that cover each important detail. For example – if you are selling fashion bags, and highlighting all the best features of the bag like – the exteriors of the bag, zipper pockets, and material photograph, then the customer will get a fair idea of how exactly the product is going to look and how it can add value to them.


Learning techniques to do the best fashion product photography is fun but can be scary if not done the right way. If you are seeking professional help then you can contact Product Photo, a professional product photography studio that can help you click the perfect product shot. 

Everything you Need to Know about Cosmetic Product Photography

What does cosmetic product photography entail? As a whole, it is all about capturing the makeup products that catch readers’ eye and eventually make them decide to purchase them.

There are however some quick tips to boost your creative abilities and enable you to bring out the best in you, just as there are in any other realm of work. Considering the below-mentioned tips, not only would you experienced increased sales but also customer satisfaction as they visual the product better while surfing through the internet.

Emphasize on Details

A hand-sized item is the usual size of the product captured in Cosmetic product photography. Nevertheless, you should give special attention to the product’s close details while you are capturing them. Customers always like to see how the item looks in real life before making the purchase decision.

Online, a customer may miss out on seeing the product in person, and therefore turn out to be very critical of your eCommerce business.

Maximize Angles and Perceptions

It is impossible to attract attention in makeup product photography by using the usual. It’s natural for us to be drawn to exceptional perspectives that we’ve not encountered before. Find something new by taking 360-degree photographs.

While having basic frame knowledge is crucial, you’re free to explore beyond that. Changing angles and moving around will bring more perspective to your product. When you use cosmetic product photography to show something different yet impressive, you’ve hit the sweet spot.

Play Around with Props

Although not necessary but if you plan to introduce props into your frame make sure your props do not draw attention away from your primary subject whenever you use them. Be sure that the prop you are using is suitable for the shoot’s color scheme.

A prop’s goal should and will always be to intensify the product’s appeal, not simply to occupy a frame around it. As well, if you plan to use it for eCommerce purposes, avoid adding any props. It’s better to use it for banners, social media, etc.

Pick the Right Background

Choose the perfect backdrop when taking photos of cosmetic products. If you know the motto, customer expectations, and the client’s perception of the product, you will get a better understanding of the product. But you have the power to elicit a deep level of emotion from their emotions as creative leverage.

A contrast of bright colors can be added to the background of a product to make them perceive it as cheery. However, monochrome or black background is best suited if the product is brightly colored.

The background on which the product is highlighted can also be customized to your liking. Wide backgrounds are most often used in eCommerce websites.

Yet, you don’t have to use a wide background if you want a natural shadow.
product photo

Observe and Record

We don’t have to imagine the makeup product standing alone when discussing professional photography services nowadays. Banners, in particular, display the product in action. The displays are sometimes unconventional.

This catches the eye, breathes life into your image, and opens up creative viewpoints. You must capture the details of a product when it is in action if you wish to capture the end result that is unique.

Theme Selection

Increasingly, brands are also taking part in social media campaigns, raising awareness of issues and taking action accordingly. Marketers have also shifted their focus from just focusing on capturing a product’s features to highlighting its value.

The cosmetic industry has followed the trend sooner than any other.

Hence, before choosing one for your product, ensure you are thorough with it. As long as you are photographing social issues, remember to maintain a steady tone.

Decide What Tone to Set


The tone is especially important in cosmetic product photography because it encapsulates your product’s personality. It all depends on the product and its tones, which can range from pastel greens to bright royal blues.

It’s usually the brand itself that sets the tone.

In a new client relationship, ensure the tone of the photography is essentially new, exciting, and reflects the company’s ethos.

Bonus Tip

The planning and shooting of the project should both be conducted in a manner that maintains your best behavior whenever you thinking “who would be the best “product photographer near me” as anything less would result in painful mistakes you would not want to regret later on.

In order to save on post-production costs, make sure items are clean, positioned so that there are no reflections, and do not overexpose.

Post-production corrections can be made as follows:

  • Taking minor adjustments to objects’ positions in relation to each other or to the sides of an image can be done.
  • Although an extremely overexposed image cannot be corrected, there may be some small adjustments that can be made
  • Composition and leveling of images may help make a series of pictures more consistent.

Things to Consider While Taking Clothing Product Photography on White Background

The secret mantra for an online store’s success is creating a good impression at the first sight. To achieve good quality product photography is essential. Having prolific product photos on your eCommerce website with White Background will create a significant difference in your store conversion rate.

Most business owners are worried about commercial photography rates, but they need to understand the fact that, spending money on product photography should consider an investment for an eCommerce business. Based on a recent study conducted among the potential online buyers, in an online store product photos are more important than the review and rating product along with the product information.

This blog will elaborate on what to consider for taking good quality clothing product photography on white background.

But before getting into the core, let’s brush up on why the white background is the best for product photography?

Capturing products on white background plays a key role in upping the products in the image; this will ease things for photographers to shoot and also to edit like a pro. Take a look at the significance of white background in product photography.

1. To Highlight Your Products With Least Distraction

Having a single-color background will offer more consistency, well if it is white then you can enjoy more continuity in your image. Also, white background will enhance the product look with the least amount of distraction.

2. To Offer More Versatility For Marketing Channels

Many online stores use their product images for marketing, in such cases having a white background color on your product photography will be helpful to market your store on different marketing channels like Google Shopping Campaigns, Amazon Marketplace, and so on.

3. To Edit Easily

As far as study, white color seems to offer more comfort for editors to edit an image for beginners. Also, photographers find it more comfortable to conduct a shoot at a product photography studio with white background.

4. To Color Product Photo Background Easily

If you tend to add a spot color to your product display in the future, white background makes it easier even beginners can do it at ease. Editing is inevitable when it comes to beauty product photography in such white background plays a key role.

1. Use a Mannequin

Displaying the product in a realistic form is more important in product photography. A Mannequin is a doll that gives a realistic human shape, a business owner who finds it difficult to find a model for a photoshoot can make use of it.

In the case of clothing product photography, having a mannequin would be a great value because buyers can keep visualizing how the clothing product would look.

2. Hire a Model

If you are willing to spend more on your clothing product photography then hiring a model would be best. Models can give any kind of pose as dictated allowing photographers to shoot from a different angle that buyers would be keen to look at before buying the product.

3. Preparing Essential Clothing Photography Equipment

When it comes to clothing photography you don’t need to break your bank, these days you can find a lot of Smartphones that come with better camera features. Apart from here are the few things you need to make sure you keep ready before the shoot.

  • High-Resolution Camera with Tripod
  • Lighting Equipment
  • White Backdrop Kit
  • Photography Toolbox

4. Preparing Clothing Products

Preparation is the key factor when it comes to product photography. You need to spend sufficient time preparing to have a great photoshoot. Here are the few things you need to concentrate on for conducting clothing product photography.

  • Prepare your clothes (ironing, buttoned-up, Sleeves folded neatly, and so )
  • Make sure the mannequin is dressed up perfectly
  • Keep the photography toolbox open and cross-check whether you have all essentials
  • Keep your spare pins, and charged spare batteries readily

5. Setting Up Photography Studio For Clothing Product Photography

Setting your backdrop is the most essential when it comes to setting up product photography. The second thing you need to do is to set up your studio lighting & camera ready. To set up perfect lighting & camera angle keep following the below-given tips.

  • Set your lights next to the camera focusing towards the mannequin and should be positioned 45-degree angle.
  • For setting your camera for clothing photography you need to concentrate on three things: Aperture (between F/8 to f/11), ISO sensitivity (400 to 800), and Shutter Speed (Around 1/125).

Bottom Line

Remember, the product photography for clothing isn’t that much tricky as capturing tiny and shiny products like jewels. It can be fun if you set up the product photography studio right. Good clothing photography will give an elegant look to your online store. Make use of those tips and make your store look amazing.


Significance of Back Lighting in Beauty Product Photography

Photography is storytelling; product photography is an expression of the product’s features more simply. To cover the story of the product in one single frame, you need to take care of many aspects and one of them is Lighting. Lighting is the soul of photography and without light; a photo is just a piece of the body without any purpose.

Importance of Back Lighting in Beauty Product Photography

Professional product photographers are always aware of the importance of lighting. In product photography, the photographer tries to represent the product in the most attractive way to catch the eyes of a customer.

Lighting is a crucial step in product photography and the importance of backlighting is way more than you think of.

Many unprofessional people tend to believe that lighting is at best when it is natural lighting, but the fact is a dark room is most suitable for product photography. In a darkroom, product photographers can control the backlight the way they want. You need to know that every beauty product is unique and needs a unique touch of lighting.

Backlighting gives the subject product a greater sense and gives a dramatic effect. Through backlighting, the product photographer can give extraordinary contrast effects between the product and its background. When you are doing beauty product photography, the backlight is the essence that will give purpose to your photography.

The Light factor helps you to set the mood of your photo. The purpose of the backlight in product photography is to highlight the product image. The backlight makes a product more attractive and attainable. The results of the backlight will produce dimensional effects that will definitely catch the customer’s eye on the product.

In beauty product photography you just need to take care of the texture, you need to control luminosity, and need to make beauty products vibrate with the atmosphere. All these are only feasible with the perfect backlighting.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. The Bigger, The Better

The bigger is better when it comes to the lighting of product photography. The bigger the light source, the better the outcome. Broad light creates fewer shadows and focuses more on the subject product. In beauty products; the main focus is on the subject product and hence it needs broader backlight support.

product photo shooting

2. Keep Backlight Close to Product

To have an illuminated photograph, you need to keep the backlight as close to the subject as possible. The fewer distance between the light and the subject will create more impact on the final outcome. When the backlight is closest to the subject, the focus will be entirely on the subject.

3. Front-Lighting Judiciously

You saw the significance of the backlight in the product photography but alongside you also need to keep the front light ready from your end. To give the product more texture, and to cover up minor defects of the product; you need front light.

4. Split Lighting

This method is followed to split the product into two parts- one appearing in the light and another to the shadow. For a dramatic look of your unique product, and to simply show your art skills of photography- you can apply this split lighting technique.

5. Natural and Flash

Do not just dive too much into the backlight that you forget about the natural element of light. If needed, do not restrain yourself to take help from natural light. Some products are at their best when they are supported by natural lights.

cosmetics e commerce photography

Importance of Proper Lighting Position

There is not a single straight position that applies to all product photography. Based on the size, purpose, and volume of the product pick your lighting position. Always keep in mind to keep the product- subject at an eye-sight level to have extraordinary effects.

Some products require lighting with inclined angles while some require lighting with different angles. Proper lighting position will let you avoid glares and can reduce blurred photos of the product. Beauty products never go out of style and so is their need for photography.

Beauty products photography is more fragile than it looks and for that, you need to have proper lighting position. The proper lighting will light the product so it becomes more mesmerizing. If you pick up the wrong angle of the lighting, it is a blunder similar to picking up the wrong lens for photography.


No matter what is said or elaborated here, the best result sometimes comes out of nowhere. You can follow your gut feeling; can use your artistic mind, can improvise while shooting products, and can apply your personal experience to get the best results.

The product photographer would never fail to have a perfect lens and perfect lighting place, and will never leave anything to chance. If you are a professional or beginner, these tips and backlight importance will make you think twice before just clicking any random picture.

Tips for Taking Holiday Season Product Photos for Ecommerce Portal

The ‘Holiday Shopping Report’ by global digital targeting experts Criteo came up with some intriguing numbers for online shopping recently. According to them, 40% of sales happened through eCommerce websites, in November.

Owing to intensive digital promotions, in-store shopping falls significantly post-Thanksgiving, boosting online sales further. In the week before Christmas, as much as 26% of sales happen online. Holiday season shopping has evidently become a very important time for online selling.

It is no wonder then, that quality support in terms of product photography, is of utmost importance to eCommerce sites, during this period. Good product photos provide customers with:

  • Instant information about the product
  • Can be circulated digitally among friends and family for their opinions,
  • And they boost the ranking of the eCommerce website on search engines since the text associated with images gives search engine indexers more information to pull from.

The holiday season is the time to scale up your photography operations both as an eCommerce business owner and a product photographer. A professional appearance increases customer trust in a product while shopping online. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind for taking holiday season product photos for an eCommerce portal:

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Chalk out a Concrete Plan of Action

Both the collaborating parties need to form a clear idea about their holiday season needs. In addition to the regular need for product images, the online seller may ask for holiday-themed product images to feature throughout their website and holiday-themed photo sessions for social media advertising of their products. It is important to discuss the requirements and finalize the photography settings, lighting, size, number of photographs, and number of angles that the client wants, for a photographer to work efficiently and reduce delivery time. Having an option to pay for the photos only after approval can save vital resources at both ends.
Product Photos

2. Concentrate on Images Rather than on Text

Clear, compelling images of products help customers to get to know the products before they buy them. The attention span of online customers is usually short, especially during the holiday season shopping frenzy. It is wise to let high-quality, engaging product images do the talking rather than product descriptions or infographics on the product listing.

Good product photographers understand this and have the expertise and equipment to deliver the right results. For certain kinds of products, like cosmetics and toiletries, things like the color, shade, and packaging of the product play a very important role in their marketing. These are some of the most popular items on holiday shopping lists. Photographers with beauty product photography experience help boost the sale of such products.

3. Provide Good Primary and Secondary Images

For an eCommerce website, the main image of a listed product is the most important thing that grabs a customer’s attention. Product photographers should be good at product photography with a white background. This helps get a better image, with fewer background distractions. Natural shadow or reflection in product photographs also helps the website look professional.

Most online retailers need secondary images of the product so that the customer can view it from different angles and different levels of detail. Choosing the right angle and resolution helps get secondary images that keep the customer interested. With the number of online sellers growing, the one who can capture the attention of the customer fastest and keep them interested for the longest makes the most sales during the holiday season. Good primary and secondary images of listed products are invaluable for this.

4. Expertise and Professionalism Matter

Experienced product photographers are familiar with the product image specifications of popular eCommerce websites like Amazon, eBay, Pinterest, etc. Even if the client’s e-commerce website is of their own, industry knowledge is always helpful for producing high-quality results.

ECommerce product photography experts can provide images that will load quickly and optimize site speed. Product photos have to be mobile device friendly. Experienced photographers know the technicalities involved in making them so. Efficient post-production processing can save time and money and increase your product image quality. Consider these factors while planning for product photos.
affordable product photographer

5. The Cost of Product Photography

Product photography pricing is an important factor to consider. Going for a high volume of photographs is beneficial for an online seller as well as the photographer. Enough numbers and various resolutions of photographs make marketing a product easier. Consequently, product photographers can provide attractive pricing rates for big orders. It is also possible to get some basic re-touching, getting a clipping path, and masking options free of charge from good product photographers.

Engaging the Customer

During the holiday season, successful online sellers need to build a mobile experience that keeps the customer engaged through constant feedback and attractive imagery. Good product photography highlights the essential and best features of the products without misleading the customers.

Hiring a commercial product photography service makes it easier to create a brand image for products, increasing the number of customers as well as customer loyalty. The best product photography services understand the importance of keeping up with industry trends. When the goal of both parties is to provide the best experience to online retail customers that makes for a successful partnership between eCommerce business owners and product photography services.

Top 5 Emerging Photography Trends to follow in 2022

2022 is almost near its end; it’s time to start making plans for the approaching ever. Ground-breaking technological shifts are happening so quickly that before we know it, a new trend comes in and passes away. New patterns and styles emerge every now and then, and we feel the need to keep up with all of them, which is not very possible.

Trends come and go. Keeping up with them is essential, but jumping right into them blindly isn’t. Whether you’re a travel photographer or an Amazon product photography service provider, new trends in photography are sure to leave you overwhelmed and confused.

So to take away the confusion and only serve you with what’s important, here are 5 photography trends to keep an eye on, in 2022.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. DSLRs are Becoming a Niche

Having a big camera to be a better photographer is a myth long forgotten. Smartphones and mirrorless cameras are now on a roll, and the technology has advanced so much that you do not need a DSLR to take breathtaking shots. These devices are smaller, lighter, and easier to carry and do almost the same job as a big camera. So, this is the time they get replaced. DSLRs are not going away, but, it’s just a matter of preference and ease.

Whatever the type of photography you do or require, be it wildlife photography or jewelry product photography, your smartphone is capable of doing a fantastic job if you are the know-how.

product shoot photographer

2. Videos are Taking Over the Photographs

Moving on the same lines, advancements in technology now allow us to take high-quality videos on almost every smartphone. The attention spans have now reduced to a fraction of a second, and getting someone to be interested in your pictures is a difficult job. On the other hand, videos do the same job, but in the form of a story. People are more likely to be engaged.

This emerging trend can also be seen in e-commerce portals, where websites are now including videos of their products in use. Including videos wherever possible is visually attractive and engaging.

3. Candid Shots and Not Portraits

2020 was the year of portraits and sensual looks straight into the camera. 2022 is going to be the year of real, candid, natural shots that people can relate to. Authenticity and originality are what people are looking for now. Photographers need to step out of their spaces and click natural, candid stills to grab the attention of the audience. Even when shooting inside in artificial light, the goal will be to come up with a more natural light look. Also, 2022 is going to give space to more brightly looking and vibrant pictures, as opposed to the dull, underexposed images.

4. Vertical Photography

It is estimated that by 2022, three-quarters of the total internet traffic is going to be coming from mobile users. That means, everything you post online, be it beauty product photography or stills from your tour to the Grand Canyon, it’s all going to be viewed on vertical mobile screens. To keep up with this trend, photographers have to keep in mind that your images and website are all mobile-friendly.

professional product photos

Here is a list of a few more trends that are going to steal the limelight in 2022. (And a few that are going to fade away):

  • The technology-obsessed people also want to stay in touch with nature. It is not just natural scenic photography; it is about nature around them. Introducing and highlighting the natural aspects of your product or service is going to be a great way to make a connection with your audience.
  • Disruptive Expressions: Pictures that speak louder than words, and cut through the noise with their loud messages are going to be loved.
  • When Drones were introduced to the photography world, they were far out of reach of most photographers’ budgets. But, now they are available for half the price of a phone. Every industry, more or less, has already made use of drones. This is one trend that is going to fade away in 2022.
  • In 2022, one of the main subjects of outdoor photography is going to be product photography. Whatever the product you sell, the images clicked outdoor in the more natural environment will overpower the ones clicked indoors.

It’s a Wrap!

Product photography pricing will rise, the way pictures were clicked will change, and what was in trend yesterday will hold no value tomorrow. That’s how trends change. Keeping up with these trends is important to keep your business and brand going. Also, staying ahead of the trends will give you an edge over the competition.