Product Photography Tips for the Holidays

The Holiday season is here, and it usually implies the time for skyrocketing sales with people buying lots of presents for their loved ones and preparing to welcome the new year with a blast. The market these days is flooded with amazing products, and business owners try to showcase their products’ best versions through amazing photographs in advertisements, on social media, or their websites. The season holds great opportunities both for e-commerce owners as well as photographers, especially those specializing in clicking and exhibiting product photographs.

Clicking good product photos is an art, and it requires considerable experience and expertise, especially when it comes to getting holiday product photography right. If you are a business, hiring professionals to click crisp, clean, and beautiful product photos is imperative. The following tips will help you click some of the greatest shots this holiday season if you are a photographer.

Before getting your next holiday product photoshoot done, make sure to take note of the following tips.

1. Make a Photo List:

The first step is to chalk out a detailed course of action. It includes deciding what products you need to include in the series, whether you want individual shots or shooting the complete product line in a single shot. Discuss the requirements and expectations of the client, and then proceed to finalize the photography settings, required angles, number of shots, lighting, and size. Also, define the number of primary and secondary images beforehand so that no confusions arise later.

2. Ensure More Than Sufficient Lighting:

When it comes to clicking eye-catchy product photos, you can’t be a snob for lighting. Product Photos require proper lighting, and if you don’t have that, no amount of expensive equipment and camera settings can help you get the right shots. Ideally, natural light suits best for product shoots, but even if you don’t have that, using good lighting equipment will do the trick. Just make sure all your lighting equipment emits the same color of light, and your product doesn’t show exhibit any shadows in the photoshoot. If you are shooting in natural light, don’t put the products under direct sunlight as it may affect the appearance of actual colors in the photo. 

3. Treat Your Photos Like a Gift:

To keep the spirit of the holiday season, you must treat your photos like a gift to Santa. It means that you ought to have a really good composition that highlights your creations and instantly capture the scroller’s attention. Just like you perfectly wrap a gift and decorate it, make sure to keep the background clean and uncluttered, and add additional effects to make the photographs stand out. 

4. Use the Right Colors to Enhance the Pictures:

Apart from the background lighting, your pictures must have the right colors that enhance the product. Usually, product photos look best with a plain white background, but depending on the product and audience, you can tweak the background a bit to add some color. You can even use some warm lights to take beautiful shots, but you might have to edit them later a bit. 

5. Coordinate with the Right Props:

The holidays mean it’s time for fun and celebrations, and this should be reflected in your product photographs. If you are shooting handmade products made by a local craftsman, try adding a few props that resonate with the holiday spirit. These may include some fairy lights that don’t affect your shot or little Christmas trees and relative decoration. You can also play with fake snow or try a flat lay if your product can fit on a tabletop and surround it with items emanating a festive spirit.

6. Consider the Costs:

Whether you are a photographer or a business person that needs to get some good holiday shots for their products, it is crucial to determine the costs in advance. You need to ascertain costs, including the shots in various resolutions, different sizes, angles, editing, touching, etc. Developing a high volume of photographs usually turns out to be cost-efficient, provided both the parties agree to it. Determining the right product photography pricing before clicking any shots is imperative to avoid misunderstandings and maintain good business relations even after the holiday season.

Summing Up

The Holiday season inadvertently means that people will be spending more on gifts, resulting in increased sales and high competition from big and small businesses alike. It is the best time to get some good holiday-themed photographs of your product by hiring a reliable product photographer like the professionals at Product Photo. We host the best product photography shoots, be it for displaying online or in print. We offer services like commercial product photography, Amazon product photography,and Ecommerce Product Photography. Get in touch now to get the best shots for your amazing products this holiday season, and display them with pride to catch even a casual scroller’s eye.

Amazon Product Photography Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Product images play a crucial part in your listings’ success on eCommerce websites, especially ones like Amazon, where your fiercest competition is present. The main image is what attracts customers to your product, and it needs to be extremely attractive with a white background so that one only sees the product. However, apart from the main image, the other product images need to look good too. And a good product photography studio with experience in shooting the latest Amazon photography trends will help you accomplish this goal. Here’s what you can look forward to in your product images for 2022.

3D Product Visuals

These days businesses are trying to get more creative with presenting their products on Amazon – the world’s biggest online shopping site to help make their products stand out from the competition. Capturing sharp, clear, and well-focused images to attract customers will not do the trick anymore. If you wish to be ahead of your competitors on Amazon in 2022, you should try out adding 3D effects and rendering to your images.
With 3D and AR entering the mainstream, customers can expect more immersive images, thus getting a clear picture of the product. 3D images are believed to create confidence and better control for customers while shopping online, allowing them to visualize and interact with products like they would in a real store.

360 Degree Product Views

360 Degree Product view

Nowadays, consumers want to see the product from possibly every angle before making a purchase, just like they would in a physical store. 360 Degree views of products help them take a look and know everything about their physical appearance. In the last couple of years, 360-degree photographs have become highly popular on social media and are expected to be a forerunner on shopping sites like Amazon too. Although many retailers on Myntra showcase their fashion merchandise and perfume product photography with a 360-degree angle, the trend is soon taking off with other non-fashion-related products.
This photography trend is set to stay for a long time, with more and more brands taking advantage of the technology. Adding it to your marketing strategy in 2022 is a must, especially for larger products, to ensure you are at par with the competition.

Explainer Videos

The concept of product videos is not something new, especially on Amazon, where sellers share explainer videos about their products and their functionalities. However, since consumers nowadays have been rapidly switching to video content than a written description, sellers may now have to include complete descriptions in their videos to attract new customers.

Since the latest technological developments have allowed videos to be more compact, these can be delivered through a variety of platforms. This trend has had a domino effect on product photographers, forcing them to enhance their skills in videography if they wish to attract big brands. For brands, it means they need to find photographers with experience in creating attractive videos for showcasing their products on Amazon.

Mobile-Friendly Photographs

Mobile friendly Photography

The transition from cameras and laptops to mobile phones has changed how product photography is done nowadays. Yes, you still need that sharp DSLR image for your products on Amazon, but now they must be vertically captured for ease of viewing on mobiles. Since mobiles have a limited screen space, photographers have had to adapt and ensure the picture is vertically-oriented and compact. Making Amazon product photography mobile-optimized is a need of the hour, and 2022 is certainly going to see this trend being followed by every small and large business. In fact, for sellers’ convenience, companies can also click images through the Amazon sellers’ app and edit them a bit to ensure they are completely mobile optimized. However, these images certainly don’t beat those created by a professional photographer.

Minimalist Editing

Gone are the days when every product image was highly edited before publishing it on eCommerce sites. Consumers nowadays want authenticity in product photographs, and this can only be accomplished through presenting original pictures. It means that your product photo studio must get the images right during the photo shoot so that only minimalist editing is required to preserve their authenticity.

Summing Up

Staying in tune with the latest photography industry trends is the key to staying successful in Amazon product photography. Whether you are a company selling products, or are a photography studio, adopting what’s new in the industry and constantly innovating to satisfy the end consumers will help you stay ahead of the game. So, don’t forget to incorporate the above trends in 2022. If you are looking for some amazing photoshoots at reasonable prices for your business, reach out to – a place where experienced photographers can bring out the best in your product by presenting it on Amazon photography, e-commerce website, and print media.

5 Best Photography Practices for Online Fashion Store

Getting the perfect picture of garments can be a game-changer for any online fashion store. Since the images play a determinant role in selecting apparel, you should try to use this facility to your best advantage. Learn how to click professional and appealing pictures of your garment in this article.

The Role of Product photography

clothing product photography

Product photography is a significant factor in determining your product’s sales, especially in terms of apparel and jewelry, which attract the customers based on their visual appeal. In these cases, simply writing the perfect product description wouldn’t help.

Getting the perfect picture for eCommerce product photography shouldn’t cost you a fortune. If you have a knack for photography, the right light setting, a decent camera, and a flexible budget, you can easily pull this off on your own. Here are 5 photography practices used by professionals to bring that extra edge to their picture, which makes the product desirable at the first glance:

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Preparation of the Garment

The first and most important thing to do before photographing anything is to make the product look perfect. Hence, before you start clicking pictures of your garment, you must ensure that it looks completely flawless, free of creases, stains, or marks. This requires a sharp eye as even a minute defect in the product can cause a huge difference in photography.

clothing product photography

Usually, steaming helps a lot while photographing garments as it gives the apparel a more clean, natural, and beautiful look. It is also essential to remove stickers or tags in the garment. If your garment has some dust on it, you can use lint rollers or tape to remove them.

2. Setting Your Studio

product photography studio

The next step is to set up your studio for the photography session. This step can be further classified into three basic settings, including:

  • Setting up the mannequin or live model
  • Setting up the camera
  • Setting up the background

Decide whether you want to display your garment on a mannequin or a live model. Both of these options have their features and characteristics, so you must choose wisely. Usually, the difference between the two is the budget. With live models, you have a limited budget and time, whereas working with a mannequin becomes flexible.

Next, you must decide on the perfect model for your camera. Remember, different positions can create a huge difference in the picture, so the ideal camera angle is necessary for clicking good pictures.

Always try to use a grey or white background for your photos. If you cannot find that, you can always adjust that later in photoshop, but having them readily available when you are doing amazon product photography is a good idea. When photographing white clothes, you can use a lighter shade of grey to create the best contrast.

3. Pay Attention to the Lighting

professional product photography

Perfect lighting plays another major role in making or breaking your professional product photos. Make sure you have an ample amount of lighting when clicking pictures. Apart from that, the angle of your lights is also important. Good lighting will bring out the true color and other details accurately. Photographs with good lighting have a lesser amount of ‘noise’ and ‘grain,’ thus increasing the image’s sharpness.

4. Shoot

Now that everything is in its place, you can begin clicking pictures of the garment. Here, you must try out different angles to find the best ones which suit your model/mannequin. The goal is to focus the attention on the garment so it should be properly demonstrated. You can adjust the setting of your camera as you shoot according to the light requirement. Try to take multiple images from various angles.
product photo studio

5. Editing

After you are done shooting the pictures and deciding on the perfect one to publish, you must edit them to make them look most professional while maintaining optimal performance. With plenty of editing software on the market, you can pick the best one to give your image a sharper look. Edit the alignment, crop the picture, and do the color correction wherever necessary. This will leave you with the perfect picture, ready to go on the web.

Follow all the steps mentioned above to click beautiful pictures of your online fashion store’s garments and watch your sales increase instantly. You won’t have to worry about product photography pricing anymore. These high-quality product images which look professional and appealing will help you set a good customer base and set you apart from your competitors.

How Product Photography Helps to Elevate Your Visual Brand

Online shoppers cannot physically hold a product in their hands to judge its quality. Therefore, how a product is presented via pictures on shopping websites or in advertisements on social media, forms the basis for purchase decisions made by customers.

The influence of product photographs is not just limited to its sales. Product pictures can play a significant role in generating a buzz about your brand. Professionals in the field of product photography understand how pictures of your products are the visual foundation of your brand image. Product photographs convey the personality of its makers to the customer, which forms the basis of your relationship with them.

Here are some of how the right product photography partner can help you take your brand to the next level:

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Ensuring High Quality of Photographs

The photographs taken by professional product photographers are set apart by their quality. The quality of a photograph is determined by several factors like adequate illumination, the right degree of contrast, the balance of colors, the composition of the photograph, and clarity. Professional photographers are trained to take these aspects into account.  High-quality images create the all-important positive first impression that impacts purchase decisions.

high quality product photos

2. Accurate Depiction

Product photographers know how to toe the fine line between capturing the interest of the customer without making the product look unrealistic or heavily edited. At the end of the day, the customer should receive a product that closely resembles its online photograph. Using stock images or amateurish pictures tarnishes your credibility. It is as important to present an authentic photograph of your product to the customers as it is to present an attractive photograph.

3. Facilitating Collaboration with the Photographer

Professional product photography is designed to charm the customer in the unique manner that you envision. A professional product photographer from a product photography studio would be able to efficiently channel your vision into a photograph. A photograph has immense potential to tell stories. You would want the pictures of your product to reflect the message you want to send to your customer about your business. If you use a generic image or a flat one taken by an amateur, then the customer will only see a thing, not everything that it symbolizes. 

4. Using Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is a special service offered by professional product photographers. Beautiful Product Photography is not only about telling a story about your brand, but also about including your customer in the narrative. Lifestyle photography puts your products in context by capturing them as a part of a curated scene. It helps your customer align their self-image with that of your brand. Coupling the image of a perfume you are selling with chic shots of clothes for example could help your customer visualize the occasion where they might use it.

perfume product photography


5. Helping Develop a Visual Identity

Professional product photographers know exactly how to link a recurring visual theme with your brand. Highlighting a brand mark or logo repeatedly, sticking to a particular color palette in all photographs, and consistent emphasis on certain shapes, forms, or motifs will create a psychological association of those things with your brand in the minds of consumers. This in turn will make your brand stand out among others by making it immediately recognizable. People are more likely to choose things they find familiar. Professionals can ensure such consistency in imagery.

6. Supporting the Brand Image Building Process

Product images are a direct marketing tool at your disposal to communicate the values and sentiments that you want to associate with your company. A positive brand image is key to building a strong and positive relationship with your customers. For example, if you want your brand to appeal to make-up enthusiasts, the consistent use of playful settings, vibrant colors, fun arrangements, etc., through professional makeup product photography can achieve that.

The ‘Right’ Look

There is no singular path to success when it comes to an art form like photography. No matter the differences in style, the goal remains the same – to produce product photographs that make your brand appear attractive, unique, memorable, and stand out in popular online marketplaces like Amazon. So, hire professionals Amazon Product Photographer who understands the essence of your business, has the skills to present it in photographic form, and has the experience to do it consistently.

Common Jewelry Photography Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

An attractive and appealing product photograph is the first step to drawing the attention of your customer. When you are clicking the photograph of a product, there are many factors to consider, to present it authentically as well as beautifully.  Look at Jewelry products for example.

Most Jewelry items are small in size and hence their photography is more complicated than any other product photography. On one hand, accurate presentation is essential and on the other, the appearance and clarity of the photograph are equally necessary. Even a single error can ruin the photograph and make the product look less appealing and of low quality. The key is to avoid mistakes and focus on the right process.

Here are some common mistakes you could be making while photographing Jewelry products and tips to avoid them:

1. Overlooking Reflections

Working with reflections is a given in Jewelry photography services. You will have to be careful with two types of reflections, one that comes from the photographer’s process and the reflection from the jewelry piece. Though you might think sparkle is great, it doesn’t help create magic all the time. Hence, you will have to be careful, or else, you will find white highlight spots in your image which can ruin the photograph. If you think you can remove it while editing, think again, as it could be a technical challenge and a waste of precious time.

You can try some tricks to minimize reflections. An easy method is to change the position of the camera or the jewelry concerning the light source. Get the perfect angle so there are minimum reflections and a spectacular shot! Try zooming in to ensure the camera hasn’t captured any reflections. Using double overhead light can help. Adjusting the angle of the ring light also can prevent reflections.

2. Busy Background

An attractive background helps in the appeal of any photograph but not for jewelry photographs. A complex or flashy background will shift the focus of the customer. Then, your purpose, which is to make the jewelry piece the hero, is lost.

The simple solution is to opt for a neutral background so the jewelry gets all the attention. That is the reason in Amazon product photography; you will find a white or neutral background. Light background colors also lend a timeless feel to the product. Another advantage is that it is easier and cheaper to create a white background.

3. Unsuitable White Balance

A flawed white balance setting can result in the incorrect rendering of the image color. Depiction of the accurate color is crucial while photographing a jewelry piece.

All you have to do is to set the white balance setting on your camera to ‘automatic’ mode. Your camera will recognize the light source, whether it is natural light or artificial, and then capture the most true-to-life colors.

4. Purposeless Props

The key to professional product photography is adapting as per the objectives of the photograph. In jewelry background photography, your product has to get maximum attention, and hence, avoiding distracting props can help in creating a ‘clean and clutter-free image.

The best way to photograph a jewelry product is to lay it flat on a white background. You don’t even need to hang it or position it on a stand. In addition, you can have an image of the body part on which the jewelry will go. For example, you can show an additional image of the hand wearing a bangle. Keep it simple and clean when it comes to jewelry photography.

5. Too Many or Too Few Angles

When it comes to photographing jewelry, there can be confusion about how many angles to depict. Too many and there is a risk of losing interest and only a few and you may not succeed in depicting what the customer is looking for. If you provide multiple angles, your customer will be able to ascertain the complete look of the product. It will convince them to buy the product.

The right number of angles is crucial to commercial product photography. Here, aim for at least three angles. While you need a straight-on, front image of the product, take an angled image from the front as well. The third image can be a close-up shot. You can also include a top view if necessary.

The primary aim of your jewelry photograph is to gain attention and make the object look tempting. Avoid a few mistakes and focus on keeping the image simple. Try towards projecting the jewelry piece as the hero and you can create the best jewelry photographs.

6 Ways to Adapt Your Amazon Selling Strategy During Covid 19

As the world grapples with the deadly Covid-19 outbreak, Governments, industries, businesses, etc. are updating their policies to survive in these testing times. In particular, due to fluctuation in customer demand, restrictions from authorities, delays in logistics, etc. Amazon sellers are facing manifold issues that are affecting their businesses significantly.

Here, we list out the top six ways to adapt your business strategy to stay relevant and protect your business:

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Create New Supply Chains

The outbreak of this deadly disease reinforces the importance of door-to-door service and foot traffic for the success of a business. Although it might appear like as waste of time, effort, and money in opening up new sales channels, it will surely increase the coverage of your business.

By creating new supply chains, you will be able to capture untapped markets and locations to increase the awareness of your business. Broadening your sales stream takes your business to places where customers are buying at the moment. Additionally, by catering your products and services to more customers, you generate more revenue.

2. Align Your Business With the New Regulations

The new guidelines allow Amazon sellers to deal with only essential goods and services like groceries, medical supplies, health supplements, baby products, pet supplies, PPE, sanitizers, face masks, etc. Due to the ongoing nationwide lockdown, every customer requires these high-demand commodities.

Since you are already a trusted seller on Amazon, it might be a good time to start dealing with these essentials. All you need to do is update your profile and add the relevant Amazon product photos.
amazon product photography

3. Create Engaging Content

Due to the ongoing lockdown, as most of your customers are staying at home and shopping online, you must use creative and relevant content to attract them. Apart from creating your brand awareness, valuable content can help in driving your sales as well.

Whether you are dealing in essential commodities or not, you can expand your customer base by leveraging valuable content. A simple yet efficient way is to contact a professional product photography studio to create content for Amazon as well as other social media channels. By connecting with your customers through relevant content for your products and services, you build a long-lasting community for your business.

4. Review Your Marketing Tactics

A temporary pause in business gives you a perfect opportunity to assess your marketing strategy. You can review your campaign’s performance and chalk out the plan for future investments.

As most of your clients continue to work from home, you might want to cut down on promotional messages and emails. While it might be an effective marketing strategy in normal circumstances, receiving regular mailers can be quite irritating at times like these.
amazon product photography

5. Re-calibrate Your Ad Investment

If you are using Amazon Ads to boost your sales, you will have to review the ad spending as well. If you deal with non-essential consumer products, you will be hardly getting any customers. Similarly, if you sell essential items, it will be hard to manage the inventory due to the surge in customers’ demands. In both of these scenarios, rather than promoting your business, your ads will harm it instead.

6. Train your Workforce

You can utilize this lockdown time to train and improve the professional caliber of your employees. Even if you have the most talented and trained workforce, now is the perfect time to cross-train them. Apart from the core skills for their job responsibilities, you can teach your employees the extra skills required to take up additional duties at work.

Cross-training allows you to create a backup of your employees without recruiting additional professionals. For example, you can train your software developer in cosmetic product photography.

By training the hidden qualities of your existing workers, you encourage teamwork and better utilization of your workforce. As a result, you create an efficient work environment and better returns on your investment.

Making Most of the Downtime:

Covid-19 is changing every aspect of an e-commerce business. While some changes will be favorable, some will be challenging. In the post-Covid-19 era, business requirements and strategies are going to be quite different.

For a business to survive in such a situation, it must recalibrate its strategies and respond accordingly. The points above give you some tips to adapt your Amazon selling strategy in these testing times. By utilizing these tips, you will be able to face the challenges head-on and come up with a thriving business.

At Product Photo, we aim to provide the best Amazon product photos at affordable rates. Get in touch for a customized product photography packages with a fast turnaround time to maximize your online potential.