Product Photography Tips for the Holidays

product photography tips

The Holiday season is here, and it usually implies the time for skyrocketing sales with people buying lots of presents for their loved ones and preparing to welcome the new year with a blast. The market these days is flooded with amazing products, and business owners try to showcase their products’ best versions through amazing photographs in advertisements, on social media, or their websites. The season holds great opportunities both for e-commerce owners as well as photographers, especially those specializing in clicking and exhibiting product photographs.

Clicking good product photos is an art, and it requires considerable experience and expertise, especially when it comes to getting holiday product photography right. If you are a business, hiring professionals to click crisp, clean, and beautiful product photos is imperative. The following tips will help you click some of the greatest shots this holiday season if you are a photographer.

Before getting your next holiday product photoshoot done, make sure to take note of the following tips.

1. Make a Photo List:

The first step is to chalk out a detailed course of action. It includes deciding what products you need to include in the series, whether you want individual shots or shooting the complete product line in a single shot. Discuss the requirements and expectations of the client, and then proceed to finalize the photography settings, required angles, number of shots, lighting, and size. Also, define the number of primary and secondary images beforehand so that no confusions arise later.

2. Ensure More Than Sufficient Lighting:

When it comes to clicking eye-catchy product photos, you can’t be a snob for lighting. Product Photos require proper lighting, and if you don’t have that, no amount of expensive equipment and camera settings can help you get the right shots. Ideally, natural light suits best for product shoots, but even if you don’t have that, using good lighting equipment will do the trick. Just make sure all your lighting equipment emits the same color of light, and your product doesn’t show exhibit any shadows in the photoshoot. If you are shooting in natural light, don’t put the products under direct sunlight as it may affect the appearance of actual colors in the photo. 

3. Treat Your Photos Like a Gift:

To keep the spirit of the holiday season, you must treat your photos like a gift to Santa. It means that you ought to have a really good composition that highlights your creations and instantly capture the scroller’s attention. Just like you perfectly wrap a gift and decorate it, make sure to keep the background clean and uncluttered, and add additional effects to make the photographs stand out.

4. Use the Right Colors to Enhance the Pictures:

Apart from the background lighting, your pictures must have the right colors that enhance the product. Usually, product photos look best with a plain white background, but depending on the product and audience, you can tweak the background a bit to add some color. You can even use some warm lights to take beautiful shots, but you might have to edit them later a bit. 

5. Coordinate with the Right Props:

The holidays mean it’s time for fun and celebrations, and this should be reflected in your product photographs. If you are shooting handmade products made by a local craftsman, try adding a few props that resonate with the holiday spirit. These may include some fairy lights that don’t affect your shot or little Christmas trees and relative decoration. You can also play with fake snow or try a flat lay if your product can fit on a tabletop and surround it with items emanating a festive spirit.

6. Consider the Costs:

Whether you are a photographer or a business person that needs to get some good holiday shots for their products, it is crucial to determine the costs in advance. You need to ascertain costs, including the shots in various resolutions, different sizes, angles, editing, touching, etc. Developing a high volume of photographs usually turns out to be cost-efficient, provided both the parties agree to it. Determining the right product photography pricing before clicking any shots is imperative to avoid misunderstandings and maintain good business relations even after the holiday season.

Summing Up

The Holiday season inadvertently means that people will be spending more on gifts, resulting in increased sales and high competition from big and small businesses alike. It is the best time to get some good holiday-themed photographs of your product by hiring a reliable product photographer like the professionals at Product Photo. We host the best product photography shoots, be it for displaying online or in print. We offer services like commercial product photography, Amazon product photography,and Ecommerce Product Photography. Get in touch now to get the best shots for your amazing products this holiday season, and display them with pride to catch even a casual scroller’s eye.