Influence Shopping Experience through Your Product Photos

Product Photos

Shopping is a tactile experience, and with the retail world now getting digitized, consumers are being stripped away of that experience. Shopping in a brick-and-mortar store lets the customer pick up a product right off the shelf, touch and feel it, see the colors, the tiny details, material, etc. and then make the decision. On the other hand, shopping online fails to reciprocate this.

However, there are ways to bridge the gap between physical and digital shopping. And that’s where product images come in the picture. Detailed product descriptions will let your customers know what your product can and cannot do. But, the right product photos will speak a thousand words.

When a customer lands on your website or your Amazon product’s page, the first thing that grabs their attention is the product photos, the vibrant hues, the different patterns, the details. And, if they like what they are seeing, the chances are that this browsing spree will turn into a shopping spree. The key takeaway is that the product photos have the power to influence the buying decision of consumers, and you have to get it right.

There are Two Aspects to Getting the Right Product Images. First, we get the Basics Right.

1.Product Only or Lifestyle Images

Planning and deciding how your pictures should look is a crucial part of the shoot. First thing first, you have to decide if you want to go for product-only photos or lifestyle images.

  • Product-only images are pictures of your product clicked from different angles, mostly done on a white background.
  • Lifestyle images are subject your products to scenarios and put them in action. For example, a stool(your product) placed in a contemporary bedroom setup to show how it will look there.

2. Go for Editing

Editing the images don’t necessarily have to do with the product alone. You can choose to edit the background, crop out something unwanted, etc. However, never over-edit your images, as you do not want to mislead the customer.

3. Consistency

Consistency has to do with your brand image. Whether you have a website of your own or sell products on Amazon or other portals, make sure there is consistency throughout. The background, the angle in which you place your products, the logo, the way the description is written, everything has to be consistent throughout your product line. This makes it easier for consumers to distinguish and recognize your brand, and make easy comparisons.

Moving on to the second aspect, here are some vital eCommerce product photography tips:

  • High quality and better resolution– Image quality helps in building credibility and bad images on the other hand drive the customer away from your site/page. Therefore, make sure the photos you upload are bright, large, and of better resolution, so they don’t appear pixelated when zoomed.
  • Multiple images– This is a no-brainer. There are have to be multiple images of your products for the consumer to see. This could be a mix of product-only and lifestyle pictures, different angles of the product, all different components, if there are any, etc.
  • Color accuracy– You could edit your image to make them clearer and crispier, but color accuracy has to be maintained. Mismatched colors are a big reason why consumers return their products, and this can be controlled by just delivering high-quality images that show the products as they are.
  • Backgrounds– Background of the images play a vital role. Product photography on white background leaves no room for distractions, and the consumer only focuses on your product. This also enhances the colors of the product and makes the shopping-process less stressful.
  • Lighting– The texture, color, tones, and depth of a photograph depends on the lighting used, and bad lighting can negatively impact your images. Brightly lit pictures always stand out compared to poorly lit ones. So, make sure that you get this.
  • Size and dimensions– Many times, the consumer is not able to understand what the actual size of the product is or the dimensions of it. To tackle this issue, you could use a number of techniques.
  • If your product is available in different sizes, you could place them all in a single image for reference.
  • Another way to showcase the size is by placing it next to a common object. For instance, an image with a hand holding the product is an excellent way to show its size.
  • Close-ups– As much as a full image of a product is necessary, close-ups are equally important. In case of every type of product, be it a shoe or a sweater, the consumer wants to see what the material looks like, and close-ups serve that purpose.

Most of us want an easy way out of everything. Shopping online is one such easy way, and high-quality images make it even easier. If product images are capable of showing every aspect of the product like size, components, colors, etc. people opt out of reading the descriptions. Obviously, that does not mean descriptions are not important; they are equally important. With these suggestions and tips, you can get your photography on point. Whether you decide to shoot the images yourself or plan on hiring amazon product photography services, keeping these points in mind will prove to be beneficial. Also, product photography prices and expenses are not too much to handle, and this is an important investment in your ecommerce business.