How to Photograph Furniture for your Ecommerce Store

How to Photograph Furniture for your Ecommerce Store

Want to increase the sales of your eCommerce furniture store? You need to work on your product photographs to highlight the best features of your products.

With high-definition eCommerce product photography, it’s easier for online stores to get higher visitors, impressions, and shares. No matter if you have a small business or a large organization, it’s vital to have high-quality product images. It ensures you get higher returns on investment.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Clean your Furniture

furniture product photography

During furniture manufacturing, there may be wood dust or other debris hidden in and around the final piece. Make sure to clean the product nicely to dust off and buff such bunnies to ensure no flaw is visible on the final product.

Just before the photo shoot, you need to polish the furniture or use a multipurpose cleaner for enhancing its aesthetics. When your furniture looks flawless in photographs, your potential customers will also anticipate getting their order in top condition. This way, you are likely to gain the trust of online customers looking for the finest furniture for their homes or office.

2. Pick the Right Location and time for Furniture Photography

furniture photography

Typically, furniture does not require a standard setup for photography. So, choosing a location for its photography may be challenging. However, you need to consider choosing a place with ample light. If possible, choose an area with three times more light than the size of your furniture.

For example, on a cloudy day, choose a location close to your window. Natural light is the best, as it works well with various shapes and sizes of furniture. In case you are shooting next to your window or outside a window, try to stay out of direct sunlight. It is because you don’t want sharp shadows of your furniture to ruin the whole photo shoot. Therefore, ensure to eliminate such harsh shadows with light diffusion, using a piece or sheet of white paper.

3. Arrange the Right Backdrop

Usually, white background is the best for product photography, as it helps in showcasing the best features of a furniture piece. You can easily find affordable white background rolls of paper and stands online for photography.

If not, you can consider creating a DIY setup using a white sheet of paper that is around three times bigger than your product. However, you need to work on creating a smooth transition between horizontal and vertical planes for making photography sweep.

4. Choosing the Right Lens

product photography lighting

It is crucial to choose the right lens for photographing your furniture. You have to pay attention to optical zoom – NOT digital zoom – in this condition.

While digital zoom just crops a photograph, using optical zoom enables you to attain a closer view of the furniture you want to capture. While taking images of the furniture, express the focal length in millimeters at the highest setting. In short, you need to optically zoom.

Plus, there must be sufficient space between the furniture you are clicking on and your lens. So, keep this in mind when choosing a place. It would ensure that your product does not appear distorted in the photographs.

5. Select the Perfect Angle

professional product photography

You have to pick an angle that shows your furniture’s top, side, and front all at once. When clicking pictures from that angle, you can better represent your product’s dimensions visually. So, a customer will have a better idea about the overall look of your furniture when checking the product online. 

6. Take Several Pictures

furniture photography

When you click several images at different angles and upload them to your eCommerce store with each furniture piece, it gives customers a better understanding of your furniture’s appearance. Since customers cannot touch or feel the texture of your furniture online, give them a good visual impression as if they are walking around a specific item. It will help them have good faith in your product and you as a seller.

Other Tips To Keep in Mind

  • Don’t over-style your product: You need to keep your product’s styling very subtle. If possible, don’t style it. styling subtle. If you style your furniture, the accessories may draw the attention away from your main furniture unit.  
  • For used furniture, don’t try to hide the blemishes: If you are selling used furniture online in your store, do mention it, and also don’t try to hide any flaws. Although you need to draw customers’ attention to the best features of your product, being transparent and honest about some components will instill customers’ trust in your brand. 
  • Use a reflector: since furniture pieces are large, they are likely to create large shadows on the furniture’s sides. and, it does not appear pleasing in the photographs. So, use a reflector to prevent the hiding of any component of your furniture.  


So, these are some vital pointers to keep in mind during your furniture product photography. If you desire professional furniture photography to boost sales of your online furniture store, contact ProductPhoto today. Our experts will give your furniture photos the best eCommerce product results while catching the eyes of more and more potential buyers.