How Professional Product Photography Can Boost Your Amazon Sales

Boost Your Amazon Sales

In the world of e-commerce business, all a customer can do before buying a product is to see the product through a picture. He/she cannot touch the product physically or see it in reality and thus, the photos become a prime mode to convince the customers. Therefore, it becomes very important for an eCommerce business to make sure that they show their products in the best light possible through professional eCommerce product photography.

One of the most important eCommerce websites for sellers is Amazon. It has a tremendous reach and it completes millions of transactions daily. It offers business owners a wide array of opportunities too. It is one of the biggest platforms for sellers to sell their products online and the best way to do that is through professional product photography.

1. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

When the customers buy from Amazon, their purchase decision is based on two factors- the product reviews and the amazon product pictures. When product reviews are not in the hands of a seller, uploading photos that exhibit the products in the best possible way is something every seller can do.

Photographs enable you to show all the positive aspects of your products luring the customers to buy them. You can show the product in all the different shapes, angles, models, colors, etc. For example, when sellers sell junk jewelry on Amazon, they need to make sure that the customers get to see every aspect of the jewelry in detail, and there comes the need for professional jewelry product photography in the picture. It enables the sellers to get the best picture of their jewelry with every inch of detail visible to the customer.

2. Building Brand Credibility

All of us can make it whether the picture is clicked by a professional or an amateur. So, when the customer sees a bad quality picture, he/she perceives the brand to be a small company without much credibility. This leaves a not very impressive notion in the mind of the customer regarding the company leaving your brand behind in the rat race.

Therefore, sellers need to go for a professional Amazon product photography service provider to get good quality and alluring product pictures and be able to stand head to head with the big companies and boost product sales.

3. The ZMOT Effect

The ZMOT or the Zero Moment Of Truth effect refers to that decision-making moment that the customer faces after he has done his research on the product and is about to take an action. This is the right moment when professional product photography plays its role. When the customer scrutinizes the product one last time and sees the picture of your product, the product images likely affect the decision. The image which looks the most attractive certainly wins the race.

4. Fulfilling Amazon Guidelines

Amazon has a clear set of guidelines for product photography that must be followed to render on the marketplace. These guidelines include things like having a plain white background, having no graphics in the background, adhering to specific name indicators, having files that are 1000px high or wider, etc. These steps are the first steps for a brand to enter the marketplace, but going a step ahead and getting professional photography done for the products will only help you secure a good position in the market.

By getting professional photography done, brands can win the buy box as it enables them to adhere to Amazon’s guidelines and optimize all aspects of product pictures.

5. Getting Found on the Internet

With the heavy competition in the online world, it is getting very difficult to be found on the internet. Competitors online are doing their best to be seen and recognized. Here comes SEO into the picture. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategically optimizes the various elements of your website to make it perform better in the search engine ranking results. Photos that are optimized can help your products to be found in the image results and thereby perform better in the overall search results. Good professional high-quality product photos can engage and keep customers on your site for a longer period as compared to sites with poor quality images. It also encourages them to choose your product over your competitor’s product.

Hence, getting professional Amazon product photography is not a waste of money, but is rather an investment that’ll help your e-commerce business grow to newer heights.