How Effective Catalog Product Photography can Increase Sales

Product Photography

Professional catalog product photography is a wonderful way to tell viewers about your product or service. A picture in a catalog caters as a brand ambassador for your company. So, you don’t have to hire any individual as an ambassador for your firm to tell about your product.

All thanks to professional product photography, your company can even boost sales effectively. After all, around 67 percent of consumers consider the quality of a product image highly crucial while making a buying decision. So, investing in photography of your products is a good option to highlight the best features of the products you offer.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. It Makes a Good First Impression

You may have heard that the first impression matters a lot to many people. So, good photos of products are what makes the first impression about their quality as well. Since well-taken photos are believed to account for around 80 percent of sales, it’s crucial to get your products clicked by a professional.

As per the statistics, around 8 potential buyers out of 10 won’t consider buying a product without checking its image. So, you need to make sure that the photos of your products are attractive and grab the attention of the viewers.

2. Presents a Consistent Product Series

Thanks to a catalog, you can showcase your company’s entire product line – not just one item. You need to choose a default image angle across the whole product catalog and go with it. With the same “feel and look” you not only make your choices appear more intentional, but it also adds a professional touch to the entire website.

With product imagery consistency, you can help customers to make buying decisions from your catalog. It is because they can easily compare the products in one go through your catalog.

When you capture the products from the same angles, it’s much easier for you to see which features are there on a model and which ones are absent on another model.

3. Helps in Well-Informed Decision Making

Customers need a good visual reference to imagine how they would use a particular product. This is how they feel more confident about their product purchase. While the written text is crucial to indicate the size, material, and weight of a product, the image quality is decisive for conversions on an ecommerce portal.

If you provide a bad-quality product image, the users may mistrust your e-commerce website and products. And, they will turn to another portal for the purchase. Therefore, it’s vital to use the best quality product images to gain customers’ trust while helping them make a well-informed buying decision.

4. Increases Customer’s Interest in Your Products

A well-taken product image is great for attracting a buyer when you want to purchase on the internet. People cannot evaluate a specific product in real-time on the internet, as they cannot
touch, try, or examine a product. But product photography is a good way to convey all that information.

Unlike a written text description that’s provided by a seller, a product photo description is something that a viewer creates himself/herself. They do so by examining a product through their laptop screen or phone. So, a person can make judgments based on what they see. Furthermore, a good picture awakens an individual’s desire to own a product.

5. Makes You Stand Out From The Competition

By hiring a professional product photographer, a company does so much more than only offering their business premium-quality images. It also helps in distinguishing your business from the competitors – particularly from those who don’t have good product images on their website. So, it’s best to take advantage of professional photography’s power.

6. Established Consumer Trust

When you show more than one product photo of a consumer, it helps in establishing the buyer’s trust, attention, and conversion rates. It is because consumers are more likely to buy and trust products with clear and high-quality images. The more you’re trusted by the customers, the more likely they will make purchases from your website.


It’s quite evident how good photography of products is vital when it comes to creating someone’s trust. Potential customers are likely to feel more secure while purchasing. So, they will buy more when you provide them with high-quality graphic information. By taking good care of ecommerce photography, you can easily transmit consumers’ trust and security.

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