Essential Questions You Should Ask a Photographer Before You Hire

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Ecommerce product photography is very in-demand these days as all the businesses, either small or big, are keen to make their online presence known and sell their products. How well your products will get sold depends upon the quality of the product images and descriptions you provide to your customers. Customers can decide better on the purchase from a high-definition product image. A better way to get an idea about any product is through the high-quality product image and description. Professional Product Photos require high-resolution images. If you want to hire a professional photographer to click high-quality images of your products for your e-commerce website you need to ask them these essential questions –

1. How Much they will Charge?

You need to know the product photography rates of the photographer and have a clear idea about their additional work like – time, support staff, image editing, and retouching, the number of images received, and the timeframe. Photography pricing varies a great deal as a lot of hobbyist photographers tend to charge less. You need to discuss the rates and can do a little research on the current market pricing.

2. About Image Licensing

The image licensing fee comes under the photographer’s fee. Confirm before the image copyright as few photographers will retain the image copyright. They license the images and licensing fees to depend upon the purpose for which the client will use those images. The licensing fee is higher for images used in advertisements. Make sure about the image licensing fee before signing the contract.

3. Is the Photographer able to provide the Product Images as per your Requirement?

Not all kind of photography needs the same skill set. Event photography and commercial photography require different skill sets. Hire an experienced photographer with the necessary skill set to shoot the kind of images that are in sync with your business requirement.

4. What’s the Photographer’s Photography Style?

Review the photographer’s portfolio if their photography style matches your requirements. Learn about their photography style to get an understanding if they will be able to portray your image correctly or not. Even if the photographer’s style is a match, you need to convey your requirements so that there will be no need for re-shoots.

5. The Photographer’s Reshoot Policy

You must convey upfront about your image requirements and in case the images don’t turn out well, then they need to do reshooting and provide expected results. Only after getting an approval of the images from your end, you will need to pay for the shoot. Discuss the reshoot policy beforehand, so that you will know what to do next if the images are not as per your expectations. Oftentimes it happens that the images are technically correct but don’t match your expectations. In such cases, the photographer has no obligation to reshoot your products but many photographers agree to do so as a part of good customer service to keep their clients happy.

6. What do They Require from Your End?

Ask your eCommerce product photographer about what they require from your end? You will need to ship them the products/items that they will shoot. The photographer should clearly let you know what they exactly need to organize and execute the shoot. This single question speaks volumes about a photographer’s professionalism and preparation.


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