Ecommerce Product Photography: Common Mistakes to Avoid

ecommerce product photographer
Do you feel that product images captured by you for eCommerce websites still have a scope for improvement? Product images are the essence of every e-commerce business and cannot be compromised, to ensure business profitability. Incomplete coverage of the product: You should make sure to provide pictures capturing complete details of the product. The resolution should be kept high. Also, any part or details that are of consumer interest should be focused on. Example: inside area of pockets in a bag, different ports in a laptop, etc.

1. Improper Lighting:

You must take care to get the lights done properly. Neither it should be too low or dull and nor too bright. A perfect balance or a soft light is required for great results. Soft light makes the image look even and soft. Both natural and artificial lights can be used during photography. However, artificial lights give you more control over the setup that can be used repeatedly once done right.

2. Inappropriate Backgrounds:

The background should go well with the context of the picture. If you are focusing on the product details, it is good to shoot products on white photography or white background. Similarly, if you are showcasing the product in some context, the background should fit in well with it. Example: Displaying a music system in the background of a kitchen shelf will not work. Showcased product too small in the pictures: The Product in focus should capture the larger part of the picture. It should be highlighted to retain the interest of consumers.

3. Dark Shadows in the Picture:

A mild and light shadow can go well with some products in a particular context. But, any dark shadows in the picture may be distracting. You cannot let the product focus get diluted because of the shadows.

4. Disproportionate Images:

Keep a check while resizing the images so that they do not appear stretched or out of proportion. Such images can create a bad impact on consumers.

5. Not Editing the Pictures:

A very common mistake is to not edit the images appropriately. Invest in good professional image editing software and edit the images carefully before delivery. A crop, resizing and retouching can make your pictures more relevant but you should avoid over-editing.

6. Unsteady Pictures:

It often happens that while clicking pictures, any unintentional movement by the photographer creates pictures that appear shaky or unsteady. Such issues can be avoided using tripods or stabilizer mode in your camera.

7. Improper Composition:

A good composition of the product and its surroundings makes a great image. The proper placement or arrangement of different components in a picture appeals to its consumers. Following “a rule of thirds” can help you capture good images, where the only 1/3rd of the image is filled with products and other items.

8. Improper Presentation:

In some websites, we see product images that lack proper presentation and hence look dull or shabby. Due to this poor presentation, it fails to attract its consumers. You can make use of appropriate props, hanging stands for clothes, mannequins, etc as per the product requirements.

9. Using too much or Inappropriate Props:

Few props can be used to enhance the context of products or to make it more meaningful. But using too many props or unrelated props can minimize the focus on actual products. Always use props that add sense to the product and never use too many of them. Always try to keep the images simple, focused and meaningful.

10. Capturing a Few Images Only:

Always try to capture more than just a few images. You can capture images from different angles, in different scenarios, lighting, and backgrounds. Think from a consumer’s perspective as to what may attract or influence you, in terms of picture.

11. Watermarking Your Images:

People have different views about watermarking the photographs. Nowadays, it’s very easy to remove watermarks using certain software. So, watermarking cannot guarantee that image theft will not happen. Also, it may distract the consumers and prevent your images from being eye-catchy.

Be Creative, Bold and Empathize while Shooting:

Apart from the above-mentioned points, be creative and explorative while clicking product images. These product images play a major role in building any e-commerce business and hence should be perfect. Empathize with the consumer’s mindset and don’t fear to try new scenarios, backgrounds, etc. Finally, click ample pictures in varied setups so that you can edit and choose the best ones for delivery. Avoiding these mistakes and staying focused can help you a long way in boosting your product photography services.