Create a Lookbook that Boosts your E-Commerce Sales

boosts your e commerce sales

Product photography enables online businesses to showcase their products on their websites. Unlike buying from a retail store where the customers have the advantage to see and touch the product before actually buying it.

In online shopping, the customers have to decide about the product by viewing the image and reading the specifications provided with the image of the product.

Product images give a clear idea about the product specifications. However, they could not show a context in which that product can be used and what looks can be created by that particular product.

If you’re a customer trying to purchase a lot of related items that need to be mixed and match then shopping for a whole look will be favorable and time-saving for you.

Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of time in endless searching for other related items. And if you’re unable to find that, you may decide to abandon your shopping cart also.

There are some prerequisites for the Amazon Photography Service like – crisp product images in high-resolution, white background emphasizing the product’s features, and it’s better to do a lookbook for some products, like- clothes and furniture.

For e-commerce sites and Amazon sellers, product photography on a white background is preferred. A white background is free from the distractions produced by a colored background and puts the focus back on the product.

What’s the Usefulness of a Lookbook?

Now, if you create a lookbook for your product, you narrate the context in which the product can be used. Unlike product photography which is all about providing a detailed view of the product and showcasing it appealingly.

Lookbook either puts your product with complimentary pieces or uses a setting to showcase it properly.

You might have seen them in an online clothing store, where clothes are displayed as a product photo but are also worn by a model with matching accessories. Thus, creating a whole look at how that product can be used.

Give your customers a fair idea of how they can use any piece by creating a lookbook. And make it easier for your customers to purchase your products or buy the whole look. This will remove the need for more scrolling for the selection of a matching pair of accessories. And in this way, you will encourage them to buy the whole look from you.

Not only in clothes, but lookbook is also useful and can be creatively used in the other sections like -furniture, and products designed for the interior decoration.

How you can Create a Lookbook for Your Products?

A lookbook should be able to convey a story about your product. It showcases an entire lifestyle instead of a product. Though the focus will be on the product but would be accompanied by an inspirational setting.

It provides an opportunity to showcase your brand and not only the products. All this is achieved by a well-planned shoot capturing your brand essence. A skilled photographer can help you create a digital lookbook for your various products.

Creating great pictures and arranging them in such a way that it depicts a story is what lookbook is all about.

Visuals create a lasting effect and great pictures provide an idea about the product. The central theme of all this is to create a compelling and lasting effect that draws in your customers and makes the sales happen.

Clothes or home décor items look more appealing when they are presented in this form. Another product where lookbook is extensively used is in food and beverage photography.


Not all products require a lookbook but some do. To enhance the appeal of specific products it will be better if you create a lookbook for them. That’s going to boost your sale.

Check the product photography price list for the lookbook creation in advance. We do product photography and create a lookbook for a varied range of products.

Join all your visual sales efforts together and it will be surely going to boost your sales. Customers prefer online shopping when they can get an exact idea of the product and lookbook will only ease this.