Why Should I Get Professional Product Photos?

It is simple. Increase your Sales. Great product photos equals better sales. Products with high quality product photography look better and will almost always have higher conversion rates. We have all heard the saying a Photo is worth a thousand words. In todays competitive market that is more true than ever. Your Product photos are the connection between you and your customers. They are your chance to shine the best possible light on what you have worked so hard to achieve.  You have invested your time and money in developing your brand, products, designing the packaging and your inventory.

E-commerce studies have consistently shown that Products Photos are one of the most important pieces of the puzzle to successful online sellers. Most websites selling products have conversion rates in the range of 1% to 4%. This means that for every 100 potential customers viewing your products 99 to 96 are likely not buying. Yes you can keep spending more and more on bringing traffic to your website or Amazon listings, but the key is optimizing and monetizing the visitors you already have. To do this make sure your website is user friendly and you have great photos. Product Photos show off the features and highlights of your product. Product descriptions should be clear and include all relevant information.

If you are unsure if your Product Photography can be improved contact us and we will conduct a free review of your current product photos.

How to Select, Prepare & Send Your Items

Place Order

The first step if you have not done so already is to place your order on our website. Simply fill out the one page order form. You will be emailed a order confirmation with your order number and shipping instructions.

Selecting Products For Photos

In order for our professional photographers and retouchers to provide you with the best possible product photography it is important that you pay special attention to the products you send us. One easy way to spot potential issues is to line up all your products on a table and compare to each other. While doing a product inspection look out for crooked labels, scratches, packaging flaws, inconsistent product fill levels, dents, etc. Select the best samples you have available to send us. While we can often correct minor product flaws, it is not always possible. Sending your best sample starts your shoot off right.

Ship Your Package

The next step is to carefully pack up all the items that you need to photograph and ship them to us at the address provided in your order confirmation email. We accept shipments to our studio via UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and other carriers.  If possible please also print out a copy of your order confirmation and include it in the box. If you do not have access to a printer please write down your order number and name on a piece of paper. This helps ensure no orders get lost.

We highly recommend double boxing products to ensure they do not get damaged in transit.

How to Share Photo Shoot Instructions

Getting Professional Product Photography with our studio is a simple and easy process. While we do encourage all customers to email us any special instructions prior to your product photo shoot it is not required. With our vast experience with all types of products our customers often leave the creative direction up to ProductPhoto.com. Our team will select the best possible angle and image lighting style to bring out the very best in your product and brand.

For customers that have specific directions in mind, or have an idea of what they want we of course can follow your instructions. Simply send us your instructions, links to samples, or any other document. Instructions can be added when you place your order, emailed to us after you order, or even just included in your package.

Once you get your proofs you can view all your product photos and either approve your order, or requests reshoots, or touch ups. Most revisions are free.However, additional charges may apply in the event that your request deviates from your original instructions. Extra charges will go through you for approval.