Why You Should Add Color and Creativity to Product Photography

Why You Should Add Color and Creativity to Product Photography

Worried the product photography of your online store is unable to capture the consumer’s attention? Perhaps the images displayed in brochures, online ads, magazines, and your website are too hum-ho to make a strong impact. No matter how great your products are, if the images do not reflect that, there’s a chance the viewers will fail to notice them.

Product photography has the power to grab eyeballs and convert browsers into buyers. That’s why you need to ensure your product is showcased in an innovative way for that competitive edge. Let’s find out how.

A little imagination, some innovative techniques, and the right colored backdrop can help pull off well-styled product photographs that your audience will love. Here are a few pointers on how to capture beautiful shots by embracing your creativity.

Complimentary Colour Backgrounds:

White object on white backgrounds are quite popular for imagery because they give a true representation of the product. However, the shade is dull and dreary. A pop of color can spice things up considerably. Of course, we are not suggesting using random colors.

Opting for shades that complement or contrast with the tones of the product will ensure vibrant and stunning images. Remember, the product is the star and the colors in the photo should accentuate its features and not detract from them.

Minimalistic Set-Up:

When it comes to jewelry, customers want to see a sharp and detailed image of the product. A minimalist set-up is the answer. Using basic monotone (white black or neutral) keeps the focus on the trinkets. Also, avoid stylish props or mannequins as they tend to be distractive and draw attention away from the item.

Gemstones and metals come with a highly reflective surface which can prove to be a challenge in photography.  A double overhead light during the shoot will help block the reflections. 

Capture Crisp Details:

Jewelry product photography needs to be true to life, accurate, and sharp. A simple technique is to use a macro lens that allows you to blur out the background and zoom in on the piece to capture the crisp, finer details. This can help customers get a real feel of what the product looks like up-close.

Diffused Lighting:

It’s no brainer that the lighting setup is crucial to achieving well-defined images. A flash diffuser is a dynamic idea for professional product photography as it lacks the intensity of direct, concentrated light. The versatile accessory brings out the texture of the product by illuminating it in a soft scattered glow without harsh unsightly shadows. When the light source spreads out in different directions it generates a more natural effect on the visual that is pleasing to the eye.

Add Smoke:

Want to add oomph to your product imagery? Play around with smoke! It is an easy way to get a spectacular shot that stands out. Smoke on mixing with air takes on interesting forms that can introduce a dramatic, mysterious, and alluring element to product photos. You can opt for light streaks or an opaque coverage based on your artistic leanings.

The cloudy effect can be accomplished with a Photoshop brush. Alternately you can use incense sticks or a blown-out candle that provides a smooth and even stream of smoke. And yes, pay attention to the backlight which is critical in capturing great pictures.

Use Colours in Unusual Ways:

Makeup product photography offers endless possibilities. The key is to choose a method that is in sync with the brand and arresting enough to captivate potential customers.  Colour plays a vital role in creating an intriguing composition. For online pictures, you can opt for a classy on-white photo to highlight the important features of the beauty product. For catalogs or magazines, prop the beauty product against a cheerful background to capture its essence in unusual ways.

The Human Touch:

Images of cosmetics or jewelry can be shot using parts of the body like hands or arms to bestow a utilitarian component.  The human touch is a wonderful way to exhibit the product’s size, it’s detailing and provides a clear understanding of how it is used. Not to mention, it increases the sales potential of the product. It’s important that the human element is relevant to the product and implemented subtly in the images to flaunt the brand’s distinctive appeal.

The Last Word:

Entrusting your assignment to professional photographers guarantees the best results. Thanks to their expertise and experience in the domain they will showcase your products in the most flattering way to pique interest and evoke an emotional response in potential buyers.

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