Best Product Photography Tips for Amazon Listings

Tips for Amazon Listings

Today in the world of digital entrepreneurship all businesses are investing to market their product to their target consumer on the web. To stay current and viable in the online market a good product and competitive pricing are not all that is required. Online buying decisions are made in a matter of seconds and a good product photograph is what can make or break the first impression on a buyer.

In the online scenario, a good professional photograph means a sales conversion. With average conversion rates being between 1 percent to 4 percent it is very critical that the best side of the product is put forward. The way the product photograph is taken will have the maximum impact on the buyer. Read on to find how a professional & affordable product shoot photographer for your products can dramatically increase your sales and visibility.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1) Technical Requirements to be Handled

Amazon lists very specific technical guidelines for the product photographs to be approved.

Our team of best Harlingen Photographers understands thoroughly all these needs and follows them exactly. For example, No props or decorations, which are not a part of the final product, can be used for the primary photo. The secondary pictures can show the product in use and lifestyle pictures of the product in use. The other technicalities like file type, size, resolution, etc. are also taken care of by experts at the task!

2) Get High-Quality Product Photos

All phone cameras today are capable of taking images but that is not always the right choice. A Digital Single Lens Reflex (D-SLR) camera is ideal and gives the most impact. The idea behind this is that the user should be able to see the finer details by scrolling over the picture in the amazon zoom display. An HD camera with 2k or 4k detail will highlight all the aspects of the product in an easy-to-view manner. We use the latest in capture technology to give the best results.
photo shoot for amazon

3) Product Staging and Placement

Professional product pictures highlight the business side of the product. For a backpack, this would be the front side with styling and design visible and for a book, it has to be the cover photo. A professional photographer takes into account lighting while staging the product. A photographer inherently knows the way a shot will look in the amount of lighting available. To avoid repeats and redos the professional photography studio boasts of lights that can create the perfect light ambiance for your product. The studio setting also has various props and tools for the secondary shots of the product in action.

4) Editing and Finishing Touches

The way your images of products and services look in the photograph is how the consumer will perceive them to be. After taking photographs some editing is done on them using professional photo editing software. The photograph is treated for light exposure, shadow clearance, and improved color and detail visibility. This leads to a professional product shot, one that is without any blemish.

5) Image Mix

Primary Image: The first image has to be the product only. No text, artwork, graphics, or even logos are not allowed. This is the picture that shall pop up in the search results. It is the best and most honest representation of the product.

Secondary Images: The other photographs can be a highlight reel of what your product delivers. One simple formula is to show the product being used highlighting any special USPs or product functions that are key differentiators of the product. The mood, feel and utility of the brand are captured in a single shot. All the uses of the product are highlighted in various creative pictures using the tools available at a studio.

Professional product photography not only gives you an edge over the competition but also gives the product the representation and treatment it deserves. Work with our experts and create the amazon product photography that your brand needs and watch your sales soar!