Amazing Backdrop Ideas to Make Your Products Standout

product photo backdrop-ideas

You need not break your bank in quest of getting that perfect backdrop for your product photoshoot. We all at times come across those perfectly clicked images and wonder that those are clicked by a super professional photographer with all the expensive gear to click this oh-so-perfect image.

You are not alone to think like that we all do. But the fact is that you need not burn a hole in your pocket to get those perfect product images.

A little bit of imagination and creative use of easily available stuff and there you are with those amazing backdrops that will make your product stand out and add to their appeal.

If you are not able to take product photography services then use these ideas to create that perfect backdrop and there will be no stopping in getting those cool product photographs. These are awesome and cheap! Let us get started –

Use these Backdrop Ideas to get that Amazing Product Images for Amazon Product Photography

You don’t need expensive gear to click your product neither you do have to sink scads of cash in traveling to get an exotic location as a backdrop to click the picture of that dress that you want to sell.

You can use some very inexpensive ways to take pictures of your products with the backgrounds that cost you nothing. Use these fantastic backdrop ideas to take as many pictures you want for amazon product photography or for your own website for advertising.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Old Books

Old books make a great background for small sized products. This will give an entirely different feel to your product image.
book product photography

2. Metal Trays

If you want to create a little bit of metallic shine and texture background what’s best than a metal tray. Try it and you can create a different look without being overwhelming.

3. Old Doors and Whitewashed Wood

Old doors look cool as a backdrop for your product, especially if it’s a dress. These can be used over and over again. Even whitewashed wood makes a perfect backdrop. Repurpose pallet, paint it white and you get a portable and pretty background for your products.

4. Sky

Yes, you can definitely use the sky as your product backdrop. The bright blue sky can make a different background for cute little kids socks, towels and clothes. Try shooting up with sky working as a perfect backdrop.

5. Brick

Brick wall, brick sidewalk all these make a perfect kind of backdrop. All you need is great lighting. Even a pile of bricks will create a different background.
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6. Concrete

Concrete floors, concrete blocks all these can be used as your product backdrop.

7. Fences

Fences make an awesome backdrop for products of all kinds. Try this for sure.

8. An Outdoor deck, Desk or tabletop

A desk or tabletop or an outdoor deck is a perfect place to click a lot of product images.

9. Floors

Either you select wooden floor or cement, marble or any kind of floor they make pretty dang great background. You can get cool pictures on just a cement floor background. Go for it.
Product Photography

10. A Couch

Doesn’t matter if you have one made of leather, fabric or is it old or new. You can always use your sofa as a backdrop and get amazing results.

11. Natural Backgrounds like a log, Moss or Slate

Natural backgrounds like a log, moss or slate are the cheapest yet prettiest backdrop to go for.

12. Paper, Scrapbook Paper, Newspaper or Poster Board

Scrapbook paper makes a good backdrop for jewelry products. Wallpaper, contact paper, newspaper and poster board, all of these can be used effectively.

13. Your Bed

Your bed can become a perfect backdrop for your product photoshoot. Feel free to use it by choosing the bedsheet that makes the product stand out.

Not only these there are more ideas that you can think of as a suitable backdrop that won’t cost you a penny. You only have to make sure that your product stands out. Dump truck, bowl, rocking chair or anything else, this list is endless.

You don’t necessarily need white background for your product photos. But you do need a simple neutral background that’s not necessarily a white one. Check the commercial photography rates to decide on whom to hire.

In the End

The product photography pricing varies widely because a lot of hobbyist and amateur also offer services and charge much less than professional product photographers. Before hiring compare the quality of the work.

You can suggest these background ideas if you did plan to hire a professional product photographer to make sure you get those unique and amazing images.