8 Successful Jewelry Background Ideas for your Website

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Product photography can be done very creatively, especially if the product is a jewelry item. Jewelry photographs need to be clear and you should show the designs in a way that the viewers get an idea about the details of the product.

Photographing jewelry is easier in any studio setup or outdoor setting, as these products are a lot easier to put together. You just need a few things in place to get those perfect shots. You can experiment with the background choices and the way you present the jewelry.

Things that matter while choosing the right background for your Jewelry product photos are your brand, your product, and your audience. For an effective jewelry photoshoot and set up you don’t need to do much. Here are a few background ideas to make your jewelry photography more appealing.

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. A White Backdrop

A white backdrop is the most preferred option because it brings focus to the product and at the same time it’s easy to create. Choose a white backdrop if you want a well-lit and perfectly contrasted image. To create a seamless white backdrop, you can use some white paper. Use natural light or balance the shadows well by putting studio lights on both sides of the product.

2. Black Background

A black background is best suited for jewelry with gemstones Beauty product photography or any luxury product, especially cosmetics and alcohol. Though the black background tends to absorb the light of the product, it works well for the white and silver-colored jewelry. White jewelry stands out on a black backdrop and looks very elegant and creates a sophisticated look while highlighting your product.

3. Mannequin Bust

Props can be used to show your jewelry in the best possible way. A mannequin bust is the best way to present necklaces. Photograph the jewelry products on a white mannequin bust and you can remove the background later to show your product only on a white mannequin bust.

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4. Bokeh

It’s a technique in which you keep a part of the image intentionally out of focus to highlight an object in the image. A very subtle bokeh background appears very nice when you do a jewelry photoshoot. This keeps focus on your product and highlights its design.

Bokeh creates a unique product image and makes your product and its features stand out completely. A very nice technique to create a unique background.

5. Textures

Handmade jewelry and beauty products look good when you use textures as their backdrop. A white textured background will create a subliminal effect for these products.

6. For Contextual Backgrounds use a Model

Hiring a model will be expensive but the effect you will get is worth the effort. Use a model for contextual backgrounds to show the buyers how the jewelry appears on an actual person. This will help then in getting a fair idea about the actual size and appearance of the jewelry.

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7. A Natural Backdrop

Leaves, grass, moss, sand, or anything can become a natural backdrop for your jewelry photoshoots. Go out and look for inspiration and use it to create the desired effect. Make sure whatever natural background you choose enhances the product features.

8. Neutrals

Neutrals are the second-best option that comes after white backgrounds which are the most preferred background option. Use beige, grey, or off-white as a safe play. These background colors will highlight the product and at the same time create a different visual aesthetic. These colors won’t distract from your product.


You should carefully decide what kind of background will highlight the product features. A white background is the most preferred choice when you take Amazon product photography service. As most of the product photos for Amazon are done on a white background and you can never go wrong with a white background.

Jewelry is mostly intricately designed and an expensive product. Even if it’s low-cost fashion jewelry or imitation jewelry, it will only get sold if you put high-quality images of the product that show its color and design in great detail.

Try to work with models. It’s expensive to work with models but at the same time, it’s the best way to showcase your products and show the customers how they will look on them.