7 Tips for Delicious Food Photography

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Food photography is a captivating work of art. Food forms a wonderful subject for photography. Do follow certain rules and you will be able to click some amazing pictures. If you’re a restaurant owner wanting to display your preparations or a chef, you acknowledge the art of presenting your food in the most appealing way possible. The onset of social media has led to the ease of sharing pictures and marked a surge in food photography. You might want to take the help of food product photography services or you can rely upon your creative instincts to click and share food images that make your food look even more delicious. Food photography is more than clicking images of whatever is on the plate. You can click amazing food pictures by applying these useful tips- Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Click in Natural Light/Window Light

Natural light or window light takes away the ugly yellowish cast produced by artificial lighting. The colors of food are important and natural light keeps those intact. White will appear white instead of orange or yellow. Make sure you’re using natural light and not an artificial one. Most of the food preparations are a combination of white with contrasting colors and that will appear entirely different in artificial light. Artificial light will ruin the natural beauty of your food by giving it a different color.

2. Mind the Shadows or Use White Card

Shooting in direct sun will cast harsh shadows on the image. Soft natural lighting is ideal for food photography. Consider shooting on overcast days when clouds act as a natural light diffuser or you can use a white card to eliminate the effect of the harsh sun. Soft natural daylight and subtle shadows work best for food photography. A cloudy day or a white card can give the desired results.

3. Keep the Background Neutral

The background is important as it has the potential to cause too much distraction and the attention is drawn away from the food. Neutral background compliments the food, unlike brightly colored backgrounds. Light, dark and wooden backgrounds work best in bringing the desired effect. Use a dark background with dark-colored food and light background with light-colored food. The wooden background looks good in all cases. Tea towels, fabrics, and table cloth can be used to create a vintage effect. Wall, baking tray, newspaper, rug or you can use anything in a neutral color, as your background.

4. Pay Attention to Colours

Food photography is all about playing with colors. The colors will affect the overall feel of the image. The use of similar colors will make the image look more harmonious and create tranquility. Putting contrast in play creates a more vibrant image that appears dynamic. Incorporate different colors to get entirely different visuals. You can add pops of colors to make the image more eye-catching. food product photography

5. Pay Attention to Angles

Pay attention to angles as they create an entirely different effect. For a food product photographer, it’s best to click from above and showcase the whole food plating, background, etc. If you have arranged food in a glass or your preparation contains layering then it will be better to click from the side angles, as this will show the layers of food. In some cases, if you wish to display both sides, try taking the image diagonally as it will include both, the top view and the side view. You can try other angles and create different looks.

6. Set the Table

Set the table with plates, napkins, condiments, and silverware, and decorate your table. This way you can take the picture of multiple food preparations at once. Glassware and napkins arranged nicely in a balanced manner will create the desired effect.

7. Arrange the Food Nicely

Neatly arranged food looks more appealing. Make it appear as tidy as possible because even a bit of untidiness will cause detraction and spoil the image. You can creatively arrange food to make it look more appealing. food product photos


Though the list of tips can be long, if you get the basics in place you will click a good picture. If you want to post it on social media don’t forget to add the human element to your pic and make it more alive and way more engaging. Photography for Ecommerce products is also done for online food sites that require clear, precise images of the food prepared or offered. Customers go through the food images before ordering online. Post nice and clear pictures that display your food with clarity.